So Sorry For the Delay: This Season of Life is Busy


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“This season of life is just busy”.

I sound like a broken record. I say it AT least once a week to a friend or family member. And you know what’s scary? It is only going to get busier.

How many times can I say “Sorry for the delay” or “So sorry for just now responding” in a text message?

Do we want to eat dinner at 4:30 or 9:00? Because T-ball is conveniently in the middle of dinner time and pushing bed time. Dinner is probably served in a crockpot to avoid fast food, but sometimes fast food saves the day. We had a 6:40PM game tonight for my four year old. She’s usually in bed by 7:30 at the latest and lost her nap years ago. My two year old was in bed by seven and thankfully I have a spouse who came home from work and turned right back around to take our 4 year old to the game. Props to single parents! How do you do it ALL on your own and keep your sanity?!

Then, when you get home from activities, it’s crunch time until bedtime. Bath, snack, reading a book if they’re lucky, and finally bed time.

Not to mention that you have barely said a word to your spouse and you are both too exhausted to talk about anything that takes brain power. So, you turn on Netflix, pour a glass of wine, and tune out. It’s not that I don’t want to talk to my husband because I genuinely miss him during the day, but the sound of silence is a wonderful thing for this inner introvert. I NEED to recharge at night to prepare for the next day.

Once we spend some quality time together, I either power through some work or I save it for the next day. Repeat.

Obviously this is not every night of the week, but it is happening more often now that our girls are getting older and involved in activities. Surely I am not the only one?! What’s funny is when I DO get free time, my mind can’t help but scroll through what needs to get done. That’s the beauty of being a mom.

So, here I am venting on the computer and praying for the slow days of summer to hurry up. Touch base with me in July and I am almost positive I will be praying for the busy days of school to hurry up because my kids will be driving me crazy.

How do you balance extracurricular activities with home life?