Why I Trust Premier ER and Urgent Care


Whether you are facing a fever with your 9 month old or fighting a stomach bug yourself plus it is the weekend, you definitely want to visit a medical facility you trust. As a parent, you know waiting could increase your child’s risk for worsening illness or you need to get past the stomach bug and get back on your own feet quickly to care for your children. Premier ER and Urgent Care is where I go and who trust.

Here is why:

  • The wait time to be seen is usually less than 5 minutes no matter if it is a Wednesday evening or Sunday afternoon
  • The waiting room itself is immaculate! It has TVs, magazines, and water available
  • The front desk staff is kind, helpful, and patient
  • Once you are taken back, a nurse quickly tends to you or you child and prepares you to be seen by the Doctor or Physician’s Assistant (PA)
  • The Doctors and Physician’s Assistants are very thorough with their testing
  • The nurses and medical assistants work efficiently to minimize extra “poking and prodding”, which as a mom is much appreciated!
  • You will receive the results for most all the testing within 5-10 minutes of completion including X-rays
  • Necessary medications are administered on site as well as prescriptions given
  • If you need to be seen for a more serious illness or injury, you are transferred to the ER which is on site, where further necessary testing can be done
  • If a hospital transfer is required, Premier ER will take care of transferring you directly to your hospital room or surgery instead of rerouting you back through the hospital ER (no waiting!)
  • You ONLY pay for the services necessary, which is usually just an urgent care bill not an ER visit!
  • All of the staff provides incredible customer service, and they go above and beyond!
  • Best of all, there is a large set of drawers FULL off goodies for your little one to choose from to bring a smile to their face