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I used to think I was good at organizing. But I’m not. In cleaning out just one cabinet I get so overwhelmed that I pick one task, like picking up all the pens, for example, and I organize the pens because that feels manageable, rather than looking at the overall project at hand. 

Then I was introduced to Waco Home Organizers and everything changed! But look at these before pics of my totally disorganized office. ***BONUS*** WE HAVE AN AMAZING GIVEAWAY!

Earlier this year I had a friend help me organize and get rid of half the clothes in my closet in an attempt to simplify my life. It was so incredibly needed that I felt there was more that needed to happen to truly bring peace into my home.

That’s when Holly at Waco Home Organizers came into the picture. I’ve known Holly for years and she is the perfect person to help bring order and organization in your home. She’s an old soul and a kindhearted servant and I’m so thankful for her gift of organization!

Here are three ways Waco Home Organizers changed my life and how Holly can change yours too!

  1. When I chatted with Holly about what she and another member on her team, Liz, would be doing, I knew right away that my “craft area” in my home needed the most help. I’ve had lots of hobbies over the years, so I have supplies for almost any arts and crafts activity you can think of. The problem is I never know where anything is, so if a project comes up and I need something, I just go out and buy it instead of using what I already have.
  2. When Holly and Liz arrived at my home, they came bearing Starbucks! It was wonderful. They were so kind, thorough and joyful. They not only organized my craft cabinets in my hallway, but also all of the drawers and cabinets in my built-in desk. Everything is organized and functional, but it also looks pretty! Each and every thing has a place in a box, tray, or basket AND a label. Holly wasn’t able to get everything finished in the time we allotted for my session, so she even came back over that night to finish the job.
  3. Now I know that when I want to do a craft with my kids or grab a quick gift for a friend, I can easily access the things I need. Where I used to get stressed and overwhelmed opening my craft cabinets, it now brings me peace because it’s all in order.

It’s amazing how much a little organization can do for your life. I couldn’t recommend Holly enough- you will not regret it! Just check out my beautifully organized office!


We are giving away a 3-hour organizing/unpacking/decluttering session with 2 organizers ($300 value). Head on over to our Facebook page for your chance to win!


::Waco Home Organizers Grand Opening::

Date: Aug 3

Time: 3:30pm-5:30pm come and go.

Ribbon cutting is at 4pm with Waco & Hewitt chambers of commerce

Location: 8283 Bosque Blvd., Woodway TX 76712 




  1. Thanks so much for sharing – we loved this project with Rachel in her beautiful home. Thanks for letting us be part of your contribution of local resources to Waco moms!!

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