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Don’t be afraid.  I’m not plugging a new weight loss program or guilting you to pump more iron.  High fives if you already walk your three miles a day or ride your bike to work.  You (and my husband) luckily belong to the elite club of the self-motivated physically active.  I am not one of those club members, so I needed help finding my “kind” when we moved here to Waco. 

I am by NO means a workout expert.  My biggest claim to athletic fame is WAAAY back in high school when I played volleyball and basketball.  In college, I did a few intramural teams and took a couple classes that required I use the gym.  Since then, I’ve ridden a few of the workout trend waves – I did Step Aerobics religiously; I joined a women’s only gym after my son was born; I bought (and mostly used) a package deal for a Pilates studio.  And when we lived in Southern California, I did a small stint as a “runner” along the beautiful Pacific Coast.  Ultimately, my longest commitments have been to group exercise classes which I continued when we moved here to Waco.

This is not a complete list of ALL the workout options in Waco, but I’ve tried to include as many as I’ve seen or heard about from friends.  Call or check online specials for details about times and costs.

Where You Can Workout In Waco:

  1. YMCA – I figured I’d start with my favorite.  The Y has all kinds of options for the entire family.  They have a youth gym, game room, and childcare.  There are multiple pools and a variety of group classes.  And for those who don’t like working out in a big open room, there are smaller training rooms.
  2. ReFit – The dance fitness craze is for real!  I haven’t tried out Refit, but I know from all recommendations that this place is so much fun.  And they have pay-by-the-class options!
  3. Susan Bell Fitness – This woman is one of the Top 5 things I LOVE about Waco.  She’s the real deal and works my butt off every week, but somehow she’s smiling and encouraging through every workout.  And she’s so smart about what Moms struggle with in terms of exercise, time, and body image.
  4. Yoga Pod – I know lots of Waco moms who love this place!  It’s in a great central location with all kinds of class options!
  5. Cross Fit Misfits – For those of you looking for the Cross Fit workout!  I’ve heard they are helpful, friendly and have created an encouraging culture of teamwork.
  6. Nikki Wilson Fitness – Just like Susan, Nikki is all about whole body fitness (#foodasfuel).  If you’re looking for more of a mix of personal trainer/ small class size workout.  She also offers online training packages.
  7. Camp Gladiator or CG – a strength and agility workout using interval training.  Workouts are focused on individual performance but utilize team and partner activities.  All workouts are outdoors unless weather interferes and follow a six week rotation of weekly focus.
  8. Gym X – If you’re looking a basic gym with newer machines and plenty of them.  Get in and get it done.
  9. Entire Fitness – I’ve been told it’s the perfect place to learn about heavy lifting and proper form with lifting.  Smaller classes mean more individual attention.
  10. Refine31 – They offer cycle and barre classes.

A variety of other options such as Orange Theory FitnessD1, and Waco Striders offer ways for you to “get your fitness on.”  I’m a firm believer that each person needs to find the way (or ways) that best suits her.  Getting out and getting active with your friends and family are the best ways to make it a lifelong habit.  I also know that each phase of Mommy-hood changes our needs and abilities.  The good news is there are options for everyone!

It makes me happy after living in one of the nation’s most fitness-focused cities to see the continued growth of a health conscious Waco community.

Where is your favorite place to sweat?


  1. Awww thanks so much for your kind words and endorsement! So grateful that you are part of my classes, Mary! 😘

  2. Yoga 8 is amazing and not as intimidating as Yoga Pod for beginners and the overweight yogis.

    Planet Fitness is also a heck of a deal and genuinely also less intimidating as far as body image goes with their “no gymindation” which I get at a lot of the places you mentioned. And a personal trainer session is included whenever you want, sometimes you may have others w you, sometimes not. There’s also group classes as well.

    Just wanted to toss these out for the readers who are overweight and not exactly able to do some of the places you mentioned or struggle w body image issues.

  3. Emily – Love that you mentioned Yoga8. I teach there and the owner, Kim Damm, definitely has an inclusive mindset that yoga is for EVERYONE. Our instructors all have different body types and so do our students. Yoga is for every body type, every level of fitness, every level of flexibility, every age, every season of life . . . literally every body! I teach Tues/Thurs at 5:30 a.m. If you ever come to my class, please come introduce yourself. I’d love to meet you!

  4. Planet Fitness! Judgment free is not just a slogan. Open 24 hours. Personalized training advice is available. Black Card members have access to tanning and massage chairs. $10 a month or $20 for Black Card. I love it!

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