Why I Workout During Pregnancy



When you’re pregnant, it seems you hear it all.

Whether it’s your first or third pregnancy, you’ve probably heard “you look amazing”, “wow this is your third?” or “you still have three months to go?” You might think to yourself should I consider that a compliment or maybe that person needs a filter? Regardless, what a woman’s body is capable of doing in nine months and then some after is incredible and an absolute miracle. 

I have always been an active person whether it was working out at a gym, running, or crossfit.  When I was working full time as an adult ICU nurse, exercise was my escape. I could let go of all the emotions and stress from what I experienced at the hospital. I could clear my head and just not think for an hour. 

Enter pregnancy.  For me, I knew I needed to still have my outlet. I knew I would have to make modifications and changes along the way, but if I did not continue my physical activity, I would turn into an emotionally unstable person. I knew pregnancy would bring about numerous changes, and I wanted to still have something I participated in which allowed me to still feel like myself in most all capacities.

With each pregnancy, I have faced some questions and concerns with continuing various aspects of exercising whether it came from medical professionals, family, or friends. My intention has always been wellness and maintaining a healthy balance, not to lose weight while pregnant. My current OB seemed to say it best when he told me whatever was healthy prior to pregnancy is healthy during pregnancy.

The community of people I workout with have been some of the most encouraging and supportive people. I can walk in, be myself, make the modifications necessary, and I am welcomed where I am at that day. It’s a nice break from all of the emotional aspects of pregnancy (and motherhood and the unfiltered comments from strangers about pregnancy!) for an hour.