Mom Life: Why We All Need A Tribe


Why You Need A Tribe Waco Moms Blog


I hardly think this audience needs much convincing about the need for our “gal pals,” but I’m going to break it down anyway.  I know there are days when this Introvert likes her Me Time quiet.  I love my husband and kids, and we love family adventures exploring new places together or going out to eat, but there are times (days) when nothing but a good ‘ole GNO will do.  There is so much more to it than just companionship; it’s knowing you’re with someone who you feel comfortable making a fool of yourself in front of.  The tribe lifts each other up, covering one another’s backs while filling in the gaps when the leaks are approaching dam overload.  

I tried to encapsulate top 5 reasons we need a Tribe:

  1. Accountability – We all need that.  We make mistakes in motherhood, as a wife, or just as a flawed human being.  We need to be surrounded by women who we can trust with our secrets and mistakes and know that they will be honest about what your next step should (or shouldn’t) be.
  2. Perspective – This part of a tribe is my favorite.  I love when I get together with my friends and we can all talk about the latest thing one of our kids has been doing that seems so ridiculous only to discover that other kids are doing the same thing.  It grounds us to the reality of life when we can easily get caught up in the emotion of our own swirling chaos.
  3. Emotional Support – We all need a shoulder to cry on sometimes.  Our worlds get messy; there is pain and frustration for every mom at every season of life.  We get through it with the encouragement of a friend through a text or at a quick coffee time after drop off at school.
  4. Fun – I mean, come on, who else are we going to go let off some steam with?  We need that buddy system in place for ourselves whether it’s at Marshall’s for shopping, trying a new lunch place, or at a concert or movie that our husband definitely won’t go see with us.
  5. An Extra Set of Eyes, Ears, and Hands – As the mom of a teenager and as a former middle-school teacher, I know there is nothing more important than the information chain that is the Mom Squad.  Our kids need to know that they can share openly with us and that if they don’t, we will FIND OUT anyway!  We are our kids’ best resource (even if you may need to remind them on a Mommy/Son or Daughter date).  This Tribe responsibility must be handled carefully with prayerful consideration about the fine line between gossip and relaying important information.  I have verbal agreements with my Ladies that I WANT to know whatever they hear or see about my children and will always consider the source and circumstance before I fly off the handle at said child.

After our move, I missed the moms back in San Diego that I knew well and with whom I spent most of my freetime with.  Now, here in Waco I have a new tribe, well, I should say tribes.  I have the sports’ moms, Bible study pals, book club worms, my workout crew, and the “let’s go shopping or to get breakfast” tribe.  Some of these overlap and I love the opportunity to add more fun to the mix.

Junkin’ in Canton

Today, I encourage you to find time to text, call, or email your Tribe – be it a party of one or twenty – thank them for their place in your life.  And plan time to connect soon.