Kim Millington

Kim “Millie” Millington is a wife, mom and entrepreneur. She is a certified life coach and operates Coach Millie’s Family Life Coaching in Waco, Texas. Her husband, James, is an instructor at TSTC. Her son is heading to the Air Force and her daughter is a senior at Rapoport Academy. She moved to Waco in 2008 to attend Truett Seminary at Baylor. She is also a graduate of Dallas Baptist University. Kim is often found at the Olive Branch Cafe having some bakery blend coffee. She enjoys spending her time helping families get organized and holistically healthy.

A Dozen Things That Changed In My 30’s

A Dozen Things that changed in my 30s... The morning of my 30th birthday something really important happened in my life. My give-a-dang busted. I can’t really explain how it happened but I can tell...

You’re Going to College and I’m Okay With That

You're Going to College and I'm Okay With That My daughter is going off to college, and I am really okay with that. When I talk to friends with toddlers and teenagers, most of them...

To Sleep or Not To Sleep – Does Mama Need Nap-time?

To Sleep or Not To Sleep...That Is The Question Scrolling through my Facebook feed one afternoon, I read post after post from my sweet friends trying to decide how to spend a very sacred time...

The Life of a Nerd Wife: This Is How I Roll

My husband is a nerd which makes me a nerd wife. In our home we say “everyone is nerdy about something” and use “nerd” as a true term of endearment. While it may be...

Getting Ready For College: A Parent’s Guide

Let me begin by saying how incredibly grateful I am. Mrs. Bankhead and Rapoport Academy do an excellent job in preparing students for college and even helping them navigate dual credit courses. My son...

Raising Aspergers: A Guide to Resources, Advocacy and Glimpse into Our Story

Raising Asperger’s When I met Jonathan, he bumped into me (his way of saying hello). He was 11 years old. He didn’t speak much unless it was about one of the topics he enjoyed. He...

Book Review – Mending Broken Branches: When God Reclaims Your Dysfunctional Family Tree

Mending Broken Branches: When God Reclaims Your Dysfunctional Family Tree is the latest book by author Elizabeth Oates. She is a brilliant, theologically sound woman who is excellent at sharing both the truth of...

Take Our Family Values With You

Jonathan was born in November of 1998. I wasn’t there. He didn’t become my son until April of 2011 when I married his father, making a covenant with my husband, Jonathan and Nicholle. On...