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Do Not Go Softly into the Holidays (Be Critical)

Tumbling Sparrow Photography We were driving home to Waco from my family’s farm in the East Texas pines tonight and I said to my husband, “We should just get one of these pines for our...

Texas Style Take-Out in Waco

When you have guests for the holidays, or other unexpected events, you can usually count on the one planned group dinner.  But what about the other meals?  What do you serve a group of...

The Things We Cannot Write About

Recently, the hashtag #metoo went around social media as a way to show the number and solidarity of those affected by sexual assault.  While I appreciated the purpose, and seeing my friends care about...

The Gap (Raising Kids with a Decade Between Them)

  My friend texted me one night, “We only had like 8 more years to go.  Now we will have committed ourselves to almost 30 years of having kids in our house.  T H I...

So, You Know About Birthin’ Babies, huh?

  I cringe a little when I hear someone say, “You should just have a planned C-section.”, or “You should have a water birth; it’s so much better.”  While I respect almost everyone’s opinion on...

Growing Up, with my Teenage Daughter

There was a movie released the year my oldest daughter was born called “Raising Helen”.  The movie was about a woman who became the legal guardian of her sister’s kids upon said sister’s death. ...

A Few Words to My Husband (In Time for Fathers’ Day)

Dear Husband, It’s said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  You, on the other hand, often have no words.  As maddening for me as that may be, your actions speak louder on the whole. ...

Instagram was my Therapy (Thank You, Fellow Twin Moms)

In 2013, I was admitted to the hospital at 22 weeks and 6 days pregnant for fear of immediate labor. My cervix was funneling and Baby A's amniotic sac was bulging. This meant it...
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I Was Fearless: Then I Had Kids

  I use to wonder why old people don’t drive faster.  They have very little time left; why not drive their age… If you’re 89, why aren’t you driving 89 miles an hour?! I had approximately...
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Meet Brandy Stoffel

Tumbling Sparrow Photography Meet Brandy Stoffel Hi, fellow Waco mom, I hope we get to meet some day soon! My name is Brandy Stoffel.  I have a teenager and toddlers, a job, no housekeeper and no...