Meet Our Co-Owners

Katie Snapp & Catia Sykora

“If you had told us a year ago that we would have the opportunity to lead of this incredible community, we would not have believed you.”

For those of you who are new to what Waco Moms is, we are a community of women who create guides and content, all in support of the mission that is motherhood. We then use our platform to curate and work with local and national businesses to highlight how they can provide resources for mothers throughout the Waco area.

Katie and Catia have both been involved in Waco Moms for several years starting as advertisers, then as contributors, and finally through their creation and execution of the WacoMoms monthly mommy meet up – Coffee + Community. We know what an asset this is for our community and we are passionate about our primary roles as mothers. We cannot wait to be able to use WacoMoms as a way for us to build, serve, and encourage all the moms in and around Waco.

As Waco area Realtors with a collective 18 years of experience, Catia and Katie are already accustomed to using their voices to promote and foster the community of “Waco” (which includes all surrounding suburbs) as it grows. “We love our real estate industry and our clients and it is only with their support that we are able to take on this exciting new platform!”

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