Maggie Moore

Maggie is a Texas native that found her home in Waco in 2015. She and her husband, both loud, proud, Fightin' Texas Aggies, have one little and one pup to call their own! In her spare time, Maggie enjoys traveling, reading, organizing, and taking/teaching workout classes. She isn't afraid to provide a raw perspective through her posts, into life, loss, motherhood and more - and she finds great joy in the ability to marry her passion for writing and Waco Moms.
Sykora Family Ford

5 Stars for Sykora Family Ford

For most women, the minute we find out our family is expanding, we immediately begin a to-do list … I was no exception to this rule. When my second pregnancy was confirmed, my mile...
keep waco beautiful

A Look Inside “Keep Waco Beautiful”

As a Robinson resident, I wasn't certain of the impact Keep Waco Beautiful had on my local experiences. However, after a sit down with Carole Fergusson, Executive Director, I was surprised at how little...

“embrace the ‘and'” in Motherhood

From the very beginning of my path to becoming a mom, I have had decision fatigue; too many carseats to choose from, so much commentary on screen time, countless opinions on baby food. Much of the time, motherhood has...

Texas Beach Spotlight: Galveston

We've entered the time of the year where families flock to places like Gulf Shores, Pensacola and the infamous 30A. I would bet money the bulk of you reading this are either headed there...
breast cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness: Resources in Greater Waco

If you haven't noticed the sea of pink that surfaces about this time every fall, you're probably living under a rock. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and it feels like everyone, from Kendra...

4 Ways to Stay Connected to Non-Local Grandparents

We live 2.5 hours from my in-laws and roughly 4 hours, give or take, from my parents. This amount of distance requires us to be intentional in how we connect. It's unlikely they'll ever...
safe space

Age is Just a Number … I Still Need My Mom

Anytime you call your parents at 2:20 am, the worst crosses their mind. But no, I wasn't in jail, I hadn't been in an accident and my house wasn't on fire. I did, however, have...

5 Things to Pack for Vacation (& 3 to Leave at Home!)

Anyone else think packing for vacation should be considered an Olympic sport? Should I bring a coat in case the temperature drops? What about a bathing suit in case the hotel has a great...
mommy meltdown

Mommy Milestone Meltdown

Maggie Moore, first time mother to a perfect baby girl, gives us an informed and honest insight on her Mommy Milestone Meltdown When December rolls around we all undoubtedly start seeing posts pop up encouraging...

My 1 Year Anniversary of Becoming a Mom

Waco Mom, Maggie Moore reflects on her first year of being a new mom: The minute I announced I was pregnant, the advice started flowing. Everyone I knew, parents and non-parents alike, suddenly had an opinion...