Maggie Moore

safe space

Age is Just a Number … I Still Need My Mom

Anytime you call your parents at 2:20 am, the worst crosses their mind. But no, I wasn't in jail, I hadn't been in an accident and my house wasn't on fire. I did, however, have...

5 Things to Pack for Vacation (& 3 to Leave at Home!)

Anyone else think packing for vacation should be considered an Olympic sport? Should I bring a coat in case the temperature drops? What about a bathing suit in case the hotel has a great...
mommy meltdown

Mommy Milestone Meltdown

Maggie Moore, first time mother to a perfect baby girl, gives us an informed and honest insight on her Mommy Milestone Meltdown When December rolls around we all undoubtedly start seeing posts pop up encouraging...

My 1 Year Anniversary of Becoming a Mom:

Waco Mom, Maggie Moore reflects on her first year of being a new mom: The minute I announced I was pregnant, the advice started flowing. Everyone I knew, parents and non-parents alike, suddenly had an opinion...