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Prioritizing Postpartum Rest: My Alarming Wake-Up Call

Too much, too fast: that’s the simple explanation for what happened in my postpartum care.  But what happened, what I ALLOWED to happen, is a little more complicated. See, with my first baby, I bounced...

The best advice I’ve been given for motherhood

As soon as you get that positive pregnancy test, it seems like people are coming out of the woodwork with advice. They offer tips on what you should eat while you are pregnant, what...

Mom Better

. Motherhood is serious business.  There is no other task that has been so all-consuming as raising and tending to the 4 little lives God has entrusted to me.  And yet, it can feel difficult...

Creating your own Family Fun Week: Our FAVORITE family tradition!

Family Fun Week is the most fun week of the year at our house!  It's a bona-fide holiday: we plan lots of fun activities, we play together, and we eat a lot of good food...

10 Habits of Highly Productive Moms (#10 is my FAVORITE!)

This has been my most productive year yet (and it's only June!).  I have read 30 books over the past 5 months, I've written and designed an entire ebook, posted content to my personal blog...
Bringing Order to Your Inbox Waco Moms Blog

Bring Order to Your Inbox: Tips for Moms to Tackle Never-ending Emails

I'm one of those people who likes to be organized.  I am type-A to the core, and I'm thrilled by perfectly filed papers and fresh school supplies and neatly lined shelves.  And yet, I...

Why I Fired My Doctor at 40 Weeks Pregnant and Chose A Midwife Instead

I’ll get to the details of how I fired my doctor after my due date and the hair raising way that my DOG sent me into labor, but I have to start with something a little...

THE BUDDY SYSTEM: The Mommy Tool you need in your Toolbelt

Every mom needs some "tools in their toolbelt" to make life run smoother and to build a well functioning family! The buddy system is a tool that has worked so well for our family...
Mommy Daughter Dates in Waco Waco Moms Blog

Over 10 Mommy Daughter Date Ideas in Waco

I love spending intentional time with each of my kids.  There is something about slowing down, pausing the day to day routines, and really cultivating our relationship that makes me feel so fulfilled as...
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Meet Sarah Nazarian

Meet Sarah Nazarian Hi moms! I’m Sarah Nazarian. My husband and I LOVE living in Waco and love raising our four kids here! I grew up in Kentucky, and came to Waco for Baylor in 2003....