Fall is approaching and the holidays are right around the corner.  Tis’ the season for family pictures, and Waco has some beautiful places to find the perfect setting.

Cameron Park

Cameron Park is 400 acres of open space, wooded areas, benches, trails, and overlooks that provide stunning backgrounds.  Photographers love the large oak trees that line the park and create balanced lighting.

Located at 4th and Herring

Jacob’s Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder is a popular trail and staircase located in Cameron Park.  The stone staircase is lined with a natural wood handrail that provides a combination of color and texture to create a gorgeous setting.   The wooded area provides a heavy canopy of shade perfect for the lens.

Located on Cameron Park Drive in Cameron Park

Suspension Bridge

Waco’s Suspension Bridge has become an iconic symbol.  Pictures can be taken on the north or south banks of the Brazos River at Doris D Miller Park and Indian Springs Park to capture the bridge in the background.  Restrooms are located at Indian Springs Park which is helpful during a family photo shoot. Taking pictures on the bridge entrances sets an interesting backdrop to showcase the city.

Located in downtown Waco along Franklin Avenue and N. University Parks Drive.

Brazos Park East

Brazos Park East is another scenic area where pictures can be taken with the river in the background.  The plush woods on the opposite side of the river also showcase the beauty of the Brazos.  Trees hover on the north bank to provide natural shade.

Located on the north side of the Brazos River along N. Martin Luther King Blvd.

Baylor University Campus

Baylor Campus is always a great spot for students and alumni who want to capture their Alma mater for their family photo.  However, the lush manicured lawns and landscape make the Baylor campus a beautiful backdrop for anyone taking pictures.  Baylor campus is lined with an array of flowers, old brick buildings, and oak trees that are over a hundred years old.

Located along I-35 and University Parks Drive

Carleen Bright Arboretum

The Carleen Bright Arboretum is a gorgeous little park with flower gardens, trails, a gazebo, a rustic barn, and a traditional white chapel that offers a classic backdrop.  During the fall bright leaves carpet the trails and the trees provide a canopy of spectacular lighting.

Located in Woodway at the intersection of Estates Drive and Bosque Blvd.

Poage Park Gazebo

Nestled in the heart of Woodway is a tradition white gazebo in Poage Park.  Behind the gazebo are giant oak trees that offer good lighting and a pretty background.  This quaint park area also has a large playground so when family photos are finished kids can enjoy their earned playtime.

Located in Woodway at the corner of Poage Drive and Highway 84

Woodway Park

Woodway Park showcases the scenery of Lake Waco.  Lake Waco is lined with heavy wooded trees and highlights the beauty of Central Texas.  Sunsets over Lake Waco are stunning and paint the sky bright pink and orange.  The park provides a play area, pavilion, and picnic benches so families can take a picnic after a family photo session.

Located in Woodway at the end of Estates Drive

The Waco Mural

The Waco Mural displays the creative arts and the culture of the city. The bold artwork is painted on an old brick building and creates an eclectic hometown vibe.  Using the art as a backdrop highlights the city and creates a modern family photo.

Located on the side of Barnett’s Pub at 5th and Franklin Avenue

“City with a Soul” Mural

The City with a Soul Mural emulates the ambiance of Waco.  The canvas for this artwork is on the back of an old Waco building and popular accessories store called “The Findery Marketplace”.  The phrase “City with a Soul” expresses the personality of the people who who call Waco home.  Framing the mural for a family photo creates a story and brings to life the characteristics that make Waco unique.

Located on the back of the The Findery Marketplace in downtown Waco on Webster Avenue

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