We Had a Baby … Now What?


New moms have tons of knowledge at their disposal. When preparing for pregnancy and birth, many of us pour hours into consuming info from books or Instagram scrolling for tips and tricks. But personally, I think the hardest part of a new baby arriving isn’t labor, but adjusting to life with a newborn – though, for some reason that doesn’t get as much discussion! I still can’t believe I was handed my newborn at the hospital and essentially sent home with a wave and a, “Good Luck!” While every child is different, at Compleo, we believe whether it is your first or your fourth, the newborn stage comes with questions and a need for postpartum support. Here, we work hard to create an environment where we care for all aspects of mother and baby to provide support and encouragement throughout the fourth trimester. Read on for areas where you should have postpartum support lined up! 

A Village

There is something powerful about connecting with other moms in the same stage of life as you. Compleo offers a come as you are New Moms Social Hour for moms of newborns, every Friday from 9:00-10:30. Additionally, Waco Moms offers a monthly Community + Coffee; details can be found here! We encourage you to grab the kids and head out to connect with other moms. 

Lactation + Feeding Support 

Whether your goals are breast, bottle, or mixed, an excellent lactation consultant can help you achieve your goals and provide support with feeding. Some ways an IBCLC can assist in your feeding journey:

  • Feeding Baby Basics Classes during pregnancy 
  • Pump flange fittings (yes this is a thing & yes, yours is probably incorrect)
  • Lactation support when baby has arrived
  • Returning to work pumping plan
  • At Compleo, our IBCLC is also a Pediatric Certified Dietitian and can assist with any growth or feeding concerns in your child. 

postpartum supportPelvic Floor Support

Everyone deserves at least one postpartum pelvic floor visit. While this is the standard of care in places like Australia, we fall short here in the USA. Compleo is aiming to create change and start a trend in Waco – don’t ignore your OWN health during the postpartum period. These visits will include:

  • Understanding what puts pressure on your perineum
  • Scar massage for C-sections
  • Working through safe return to activity
  • Pelvic floor therapy is also beneficial for any incontinence, pain with intercourse, or bowel/bladder difficulties. 

** We recommend scheduling this visit 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Developmental Guidance

Baby bodywork, milestone questions, support for plagiocephaly (changes in head shape) and torticollis (tightness in the neck muscles) are all things that our Doctors of Physical Therapy can provide your little one! We offer group classes (little rollers, little crawlers, and little walkers) as well as individualized support. If you have concerns about tummy time, head shape, body tension, or other milestones schedule a free consultation to see if work with a DPT will help your little one.

Behavioral Health Support 

A perinatal trained counselor is an excellent support for any new mom who is managing postpartum anxiety or depression. Never be scared to ask for help!

Car Seat Safety

A properly installed car seat can literally be lifesaving. Find a CPST (Certified Passenger Safety Technician) to double check your car seat installs. At Compleo we offer free car seat checks, as well as a safety course that teaches all things car seat safety and infant CPR! 

If you are local to the Waco area and are in need of any of the above services please reach out to Compleo/Compleo Kids!

Phone: 254-892-4957
Instagram: @compleokids/@compleowaco
Website: www.compleowaco.com
Online Scheduling Inquiry: Www.compleowaco.janeapp.com



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