10 Tips to Take a Disney Vacation at Home


Did your Disney vacation get cancelled due to closures?  Do you and the kids need a break from the new homeschooling routine (or lack thereof)?  Are your kids begging you to take them, but the funds just aren’t available?

Hakuna matata!  (That means “No worries!”)  Your resident Disney Vacation Planner is here to help!  Below are a few ideas on how to have a Disney vacation at home.

  1. Wear those vacation shirts and Mickey ears – Did you have matching shirts made to wear in the parks?  Put them on and take a group pic!  Order a pair of custom Mickey ears from Etsy. Pull out favorite Disney t-shirts/pajamas and wear them all week.
  2. Decorate your space – Pull out all the plush Mickeys and Minnies.  Have the kids color some Disney printables.  Gather those Disney books and games.  Put all of it everywhere!  Kids will love helping with this!
  3. Magical scents and sounds – Play Disney music through the house; Amazon Prime and Spotify have Disney music stations and playlists.  And don’t forget the smells!  Disney Parks & Resorts are known for their amazing scents.  You can order essential oils, candles, and wax melts mixed to mimic favorite Disney resorts, attractions, and dining.  Bowes Signature Candles, Magic Candle Company, and several Etsy shops offer the olfactory options of a Disney vacation.
  4. Make or pick up some Disney-themed food – Most grocery stores, and even Amazon, carry Mickey Mouse/Disney food items such as Goldfish, Eggo’s, and ice cream bars.  Use Mickey cookie cutters to make cookies or rice krispy treats (Mickey-shaped Krispy Treats are a big Disney thing!).
  5. Become the Fairy Godmother – Hold your own Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boutique or Pirates League.  Let the kids dress up and do their hair, makeup, and nails.  Don’t have a costume, don’t buy one; get creative with what you have in your closets.  Address them as “Princess,” “Your Highness,” or “Captain.”  Let them make a wand out of pipe cleaners or a sword out of aluminium foil.
  6. Play Disney games – You can get a Disney version of almost every board or card game (I know, because we own most of them!).  Don’t have one?  Check with friends to borrow one or have the kids make one by using stickers on regular cards.
  7. Watch Disney moviesDisney+ has a movie catalog from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, and other great shows.  Have movie night every night!  If the kids fall asleep on the couch, let them sleep there – this is vacation after all!
  8. Set up a Disney souvenir shop – Gather Disney-themed pencils, plush, candy, etc. or order a few Disney toys to stock your store and give kids play money to purchase their favorites.  Target, Walmart, Five Below, ShopDisney, Amazon carry a great selection of Disney items in all price ranges.
  9. Have a hidden Mickey hunt – Disney parks and resorts love to hide Mickey shapes and guests love to find them!  Arrange three plates.  Move magnets together.  Draw one on the white board or grocery list.  You may even have some already and haven’t noticed it until now!  Make a list of rooms/areas and have the kids (and adults) take pics of them all.
  10. Watch Disney ride & firework videosYouTube has thousands of Disney Park ride videos from the guest perspective.  Pull it up on the family computer or TV and have fun with it!  When the ride drops, everyone raise their hands and scream!  End the night with a magical firework display on your closest screen.