3 Things I Daily Do for Me


Most of us are so swamped with schedules, daily demands or massive to-do lists, it’s hard to prioritize taking care of ourselves. I’ve never been a huge fan of the phrase “Self Care” because I only imagine a pedicure and hot bath – and sometimes I don’t want either of those. It just feels like one more thing on my to-do list. But I do get the point of it and think we should take care of our selves with purpose.

Moms, we can’t pour from an empty cup. We need to be filling our minds, bodies and spirits with truth and energy so we can love our families and those around us well. There are a lot of ways to practically do this, but here are 3 daily things I do for me.
1) READ – I read my Bible first thing. My mind is a daily mess so I wake up and open the Bible. I need to be centered on who God is and how much control He has – or else I’m automatically starting the day anxious. If you’re not a Bible reader (or just not yet), grab a devotional or little flip book. Plan to read something each day other than social media or watching reels.
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2) JOURNAL – Like I said, my mind is a daily mess and I have to do what my husband calls a “Brain Dump.” I have two trash cans – a prayer journal and a big fat planner, but I am constantly dumping things in both of those places. I write out my prayers for the day in my journal along with people I’m praying for, verses or other random frustrations. I write out bigger lists of people in my planner, other issues, random things or various successes. Paper is your friend and journaling is a great way to clear your mind!
3) EAT & EXERCISE – I have 8 little children under my feet all day every day. I’m also pregnant. My coach at the gym reminded me that I have to eat. I never mean for it to happen, but sometimes food for myself goes MIA. I prioritize feeding everyone else that the last chicken nugget doesn’t look all that good anymore. I’m back to making my food first and sitting down with the kids when they eat. I am a happier and healthier Mom when I have good energy in my body. I’m not an expert meal planner, so I suggest grabbing things from the store that are healthy and that you know you will eat. I’ve been scrounging up leftovers, the dressing from a spoiled salad and random things, but I’m prioritizing a balanced meal 3 times a day.
Exercise means movement. Yes we chase kids all day, but a walk in the sun shine just does something for the soul. If you can get to a class, great! If you can’t, even just take 10 minutes to walk barefoot in the grass. Try to get out of your comfort zone physically and take a breather each day!
Hope these three things are simple reminders that we can squeeze in little increments of time for ourselves and not feel burdened by the idea of “self-care.” Drop a comment if you have a few things you do daily or if you want to make these things more of a daily habit!
With Love,
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Johnna King moved to Waco in January of 2017. She met her husband in college and after 9 years in the Marine Corps, they prayed for place to settle down and raise their family. She is the Domestic Engineer of Team King which currently consists of eight littles. Her oldest is 11, then 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 & 16 months . She is due with their 9th in the summer of 2022. Motherhood is one of Johnna's many passions. She equally enjoys growing in obedience to Jesus, homeschooling the kids, running/weight lifting, photography, interior design, holistic living and writing. There is usually a half-read book on her nightstand. She runs their family blog www.kingsparenting.com. You can always find Johnna looking for new places to eat, planning a date night or taking another picture.