5 Instagram Tips for a Small Business


5 Instagram Tips for a Small Business

Social Media has launched the careers of thousands of entrepreneurs! Just the exposure alone to millions of people has changed the game for small businesses around the world! However, there is such a delicate art to this platform. I have done years of research into the algorithms and workings of Instagram and I want to share with you some of my must know tips for growing a small business!

  1. Changing your account to a business account

    • When running a small business via social media it is SO important to know your numbers. If you’re anything like me, than numbers make you happy! Instagram has a page entirely committed to YOUR pages analytics! It shows you which times are the best times to post, how many people are visiting your profile, the actions they are taking, the growth of your following, etc. This is honestly so vital to understand what is working and what isn’t. The only way we can grow our businesses is if we are constantly adapting. The moment we stop looking at our numbers, is the moment we fall behind the curve.
  2. Your Feed

    • Your feed is your main hub of connecting with people. It takes less than 2 seconds for someone to decide if they want to follow you or not. So your feed needs to look cohesive and capturing. This can be done by using presets! Presets are an awesome way to have each one of your photos look and feel connected. Ever wonder why lifestyle bloggers like Jaci Marie, Bethanie Garcia, and Jenna Kutcher have a beautiful feed? It is because of PRESETS! It’s also important to take into account what you want your feed to say! Pick 5 topics and rotate new photos and captions that echo those topics. 
  3. Apps

    • Apps can simplify and create beautiful stories and photos! Here are my top 3 favorite apps for Instagram!
      1. Lightroom. You know those photo presets we just talked about? Use those presets within the Lightroom app! You can literally copy and paste all the presets onto your photos and save them to your camera in one easy swoop!
      2. Unfold. I get asked constantly on how I create such beautiful images and videos on my stories! My secret weapon is Unfold! It’s absolutely gorgeous and you can purchase different templates to add your photos/videos to!
      3. PLANN. Plann is an awesome app for you planning type people! You can add photos, captioning and set a time at which to post. You can even see what your feed looks like as a whole! I love it because I can batch photo an entire week in no time. That way when I go to post, I’m not sitting there wondering what picture to use or what to say! Work smarter, not harder people!
  4. Engagement is the name of the game

    • Want to know how to create a community rallied behind you? It’s called ENGAGEMENT! This is the biggest struggle I see within social media businesses! People are the worst about following/unfollowing. It’s either an automation robot doing it, or people will follow you in the hopes of being followed back! Don’t fall into that trap! I’m here to tell you the amount of followers you have mean DIDDLY SQUAT! Yep, on Instagram you are not measured by the amount of followers you have. You are measured by your engagement. If your posts are getting great engagement, Instagram will favor your account and bump you up on the main feed rather than someone who has 10k followers and no engagement.
  5. The secret sauce

    • I’m gonna let you in on the main secret to it all. Be consistent and be genuine. There are a thousands  of people out there doing what you are doing. So know where your strengths lie and what sets you apart from the rest. Find your niche, adapt, overcome. This isn’t easy, and it shouldn’t be, or else, everyone would do it. But for those who keep at it and find their people, those find success in this crazy social media world.


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