5 Local Valentine’s Day Dates


No matter how you define your current relationship status, Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to show love to the ones who mean the most to you. That may mean your spouse of 30 years, fiancé, best friends, or even a special day with your children – all are a beautiful reason to celebrate. If you find yourself needing ideas on how to make the day special, while staying in Waco, look no further. Here are 5 Valentines Day Dates that are sure to highlight the love you hold in this season.

For the young and young at heart:

PREP: Bring pens, sheets of printer paper, and a hard surface to write on.
DATE: Park downtown. Rent a couple of blue duck scooters and ride along the river, explore, or even make it a race. Lead the way to the top of a parking garage downtown to take in the view of the Waco skyline. Take time to write letters, love notes, or your best poem to each other. When you’re both finished, turn your note into your best paper airplane. At the same time, fly your paper airplanes off the parking garage and then race on the scooters to go find and retrieve the letter intended for you. End the date by heading to Splendid Oaks Chocolates, reading your letters, and picking out chocolates for each other to try.

For the hopeless romantic who’s saving up for Italy:

PREP: Contact a florist and bring your wallet.
DATE: Greet your date with flowers. Opt for ranunculus, anemones, or peonies; these are stunning and a nice remix from the traditional Valentine’s Day red rose. Norma’s Blooming Bike is a great source for this! Surprise your date by taking them to Wildland. Allow them to pick out and purchase an outfit of their choice. Something they would never buy for themselves but makes them feel confident and lovely. Have them wear the outfit out of the store. Make your way to Valley Mills Vineyard to share some small plates and a bottle of Tempranillo while feeling transported to the European Countryside.

SOLO OPTION: Be encouraged to use this one as a way to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day! You deserve to love on yourself as well.

For the health nut who considers exercising their hobby:

PREP: Stretch.
DATE: Get an early start! Swing by Pinewood and pick up two iced turmeric latte’s with oat milk and house syrup. Next up, hiking. Cameron Park hits differently in the early morning – so, park by the entrance of your favorite trail. Highlander is one of my personal favorites but you can’t go wrong with California 56. After winding your way through the maze of trails, run, or jog, up University Parks Drive to Mamaka for a mid morning smoothie bowl. Whoever gets there fastest orders for both of you! Alternatively, pack a small picnic in a backpack to have after your hike by the Brazos River.

SOLO OPTION: If you find yourself solo this year, this one is a great way to clear your head, release your endorphins, and treat yourself all in one.

For the introvert in desperate need of 10 minutes of quiet time:

PREP: Do your homework to find out their favorite book genre.
DATE: Take advantage of a late afternoon date and and take them to Fabled Book Shop. Pick out a book for each other that you think may be of interest. Purchase your books, sit together, and read for whatever amount of time your day allows. When the time is up, make your way to Balcones Distilling to discuss your literature over a classic whisky cocktail.

SOLO OPTION: Taking the day for yourself? Use one of the Fabled Recommendations to pick out a book. Purchase a journal and write out your thoughts over a Balcones cocktail.

For the budget friendly and “couldn’t find a babysitter” club:

PREP: Go to your closest library in Waco and check out a handful of cookbooks. Don’t know what to look for? Half Baked Harvest, Minimalist Baker, The Defined Dish, and Molly Baz are all solid places to start. Find a couple new recipes and purchase the ingredients for those.
DATE: Make dinner together while listening to feel good music! (“Hey Alexa, play Surfaces or Ray LaMontagne.”) No phones, no worries. Just you, your cookbooks, and your loved one/s all invested in the outcome of the meal. Eat by candlelight because it doesn’t matter what age you are – it feels special. Finish the evening with a puzzle, board game tournament, or a movie marathon in a homemade fort.

As templates, feel free to curate, edit, or expound on these ideas to create the perfect local date! Remember, these are meant to jumpstart your Valentine’s Day – be as simple or extravagant as you please. The focus is celebrating the love you have for one another and yourself.

Happy Love Day!