5 Ways to Have Fun at Home this Summer

Summer Time is HERE! Time to put the heavy backpacks in the closet, sleep in a little longer, and watch way too much TV. Sounds heavenly, until the inevitable phrase is uttered: “I’m bored.”

Instead of loading up the car and listening to hours of “Are we there yet?”, not to mention spending your entire life savings on gas, why not intentionally carve out some time to get creative with your kids about how to have fun at home this summer?

Here are a few ideas we’ll be implementing throughout the break. These ideas are an affordable and easy reminder that you can create magic out of the ordinary. 

  1. Pamper Them (and Yourself) – Hard work deserves a treat and the kids have worked hard this year. Hours of learning, standardized tests, and heaps of homework have finally come to an end. Pick an evening where you can sit back and relax together. Faceactivities masks, mani/pedis, the works! It might not be as relaxing as a five star spa, but the laughs you’ll hear as you smear colorful clay on your faces will totally make up for it. You’ll have a blast, and you’ll all be glowing by the end.
  1. Chef’s Specialty – Ask your kids if there’s something they’d like to learn how to cook for dinner. Our favorites are pancakes, top your own pizza, and build your own sundaes, but this could be as creative as you wish! Weelicious is a fun blog to explore with your kids, and have them pick something to try. You might even find something new you enjoy too!
  1. Movie Night – Set the phones and tablets to the side and engage in serious sleepover mode. Put on some pjs, build a living room fort with every blanket available, and pop some popcorn with extra butter. Select a flick that was special to you as a kid. Parent Trap (the Lindsay Lohan version) is a favorite of mine that Elena now loves too!
  2. No Lines Water Park – This one can be as wild as you choose. Pools are great, but you Water Balloon Activity on’t need one to have a great time in the water. Get the whole family in on an epic water balloon dodgeball game or grab a few water guns and split into teams for a game
    of capture the flag. If you really want to go big, team up with a group of friends and split the cost to rent an inflatable water slide. Just remember to have sunscreen on hand and plenty of popsicles at the ready for refreshment.
  3. Arts & Crafts – These cute paintable pots from Micheal’s were a hit with Elena and a very affordable option! Regular terracotta pots could be picked up from any home improvement store and used with paints as well. Once the pots are dry, make a field trip to the nursery to pick out succulents or herbs to create your own garden. It’s a fun way to get your hands dirty and add a bit of color to your kitchen or back patio. Maybe the herbs that you choose can even be used in your little chef’s cooking adventures. Enjoy looking at (and tasting) your art all summer long!

Whatever activity you choose, a little intention can go a long way! It doesn’t have to be expensive, but do take the time to slow down this summer and make memories that last the whole year long.