5 Ways To Support Your Direct Marketing Friend


5 Ways To Support Your Direct Marketing Friend

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you or someone you know is apart of Network Marketing. In fact, more home businesses are being launched every single year. Right now there are over 38 Million home based businesses in the United States, with NM leading the way.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am a bit biased to being apart of en MLM. I love it, and here’s why. Because I have a healthy understanding of it. Many people who put their noses up to Network Marketing companies have either 1) been burned by someone within company or 2) doesn’t truly know what an MLM means and will often equate it to a pyramid scheme.

But what happens when your friend starts this new venture with an MLM? How should you support her? Here are 5 ways that I have appreciated over the years by some of my dearest friends

  1. Like, share, comment

    Seems silly but ya’ll let me tell you, in the age of strategy and algorithms, this is everything. Social media has paved the way for businesses and because of the algorithms favoring likes, comments and shares, every bit counts. I mean some of the TOP Instagram accounts have been launched not because of capturing content, but because of people engaging with their posts.

  2. Let them share

    Most people don’t get into network marketing because it’s a quick buck. Ya’ll it’s hard work. We join because we believe in the company, the products and the mission. Therefore, we want to share without the fear of being shot down. If we see the benefits of something it is only natural that we would want to tell the people we love most about it. So listen to your friend and show that you care, even if you have no intention of buying or joining, you being there to just listen means the world to them.

  3. Give feedback

    Some of the very best advice I have ever been given has been by my family and friends. Comments coming from people who love me the most, I take to heart. Having them taking the time to give me feedback on where I can improve means that they are in my corner wanting me to succeed. A lot of network marketing pit falls come from personal development and the only way we can grow is if we have others telling us from the outside what we might not see.

  4. Show up

    Let me tell you from experience that hosting in person classes is like the MOST nerve wrecking thing ever. I have done a bajillion of them and the nerves never go away. Will anyone show up? Will anyone care? What if they have a question I don’t have an answer to? But when my friends walk through that door I instantly feel calmed, I feel supported, loved, and ready to teach.

  5. They are STILL your friend

    No matter what venture your friend has gone down, one thing remains the same. Friendship. Don’t let their business get in the way of your friendship. Support them the best way you can even if that means liking a post here and there. Being an entrepreneur is scary. (Trust me, that’s how my husband and I make our living. We both own our own businesses!) so having a friend who’s there for them makes all the difference. And if your friend keep pressuring you to buy/join then they aren’t that great of a friend.



  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for writing this! As a fellow MLM entrepreneur this speaks to me so much. People don’t realize how important their support is to us and that it’s not always about the sale. I shared this on my FB page in hopes that others will see it and follow the blog.

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