This is a paid partnership with GoPeer, but all options and experiences are our own.

For the last two years, our family has been submerged in ADHD meetings, conversations, testing and more. We are fortunate to be surrounded by a village who advocate for our daughter and only want the best for her, but it was a helpless feeling at the beginning.

When asked for advice, I always recommend keeping an open line of communication with your child’s school and pediatrician. We put an action plan in place and continue to fine tune her needs every year. ADHD is not one size fits all. It is more than “being hyper” and often times hyper activity may not even be the road block. We learned that my daughter’s road block is her executive functioning. That combined with missing school due to COVID essentially created the perfect storm for her progress. The diagnosis truly opened our eyes and allowed the teachers to better serve our daughter in the classroom. We took the time to implement new tools and systems at home as well. One of those tools is one on one resources. Our school offers resources, but we recently added GoPeer tutoring too.

Here are 7 Reasons Why We Use GoPeer Tutoring:

  • GoPeer makes high-quality tutoring accessible for all students. It is a 1:1 online tutoring experience with advanced classroom experiences built into the platform.
  • Verified and experienced tutors.
  • Easy chat, interviews, and scheduling all in the app or online.
  • GoPeer uses advanced technology to connect you with the perfect match for your student using the parent’s specifications.
  • Over 150 subjects to choose from. They offer anything from instant tutoring, coding, foreign language, public speaking and more. It’s awesome!
  • Convenience. You can have a tutor online with your child within 5-30 minutes of signing up, so if you are ready to get started, sign up and try it out. Your child can literally be learning while you prepare dinner.
  • And most importantly, my daughter feels confident. This is the perfect addition to our school accommodations and is only $20 per hour of tutoring!

Please reach out if you have any questions, but our experience has been nothing but positive. GoPeer has figured out a way to make our lives easier and not add to our already crazy schedules. They are the perfect addition to your village!