Katie Snapp

Katie is a Co-Owner of Waco Moms. She is a 9th generation Texan who grew up in a military family, saw and enjoyed the world, but got back to Texas as quickly as she could! She fell in love with her husband's hometown (the first true hometown she's ever had) and hopes to be in Waco for many more generations to come. Katie met the love of her life, Brody Snapp, while a student at a Texas A&M football tailgate and after he patiently waited for her to live her urban, corporate America dreams, they tied the knot in 2016 and have been in the Waco area ever since. In 2018, they welcomed their first baby girl, Stella, and 19 months later, welcomed sweet Sienna. In Waco, they are surrounded by family and life long friends and love the family friendly and peaceful environment this community provides. Katie began her professional career quickly realizing that a cubical at the sought after Goldman Sachs was not for her - but for the past 6 years has had a thriving real estate business as a top producing agent with Camille Johnson, Realtors. Prior to that her background included being an award winning marketing and sales representative in a billion dollar Dallas high-rise industry, a regional marketing and sales manager for luxury student housing all along the west coast, and a year of working as a part of Joanna and Chip Gaines' marketing team as they re-launched the Magnolia Realty branch of their company. Katie is very excited to get work alongside her best friend and most respected fellow Realtor, Catia Sykora as they take Waco Moms to the next level. She has a true passion for supporting and showcasing her community and most importantly, connecting moms!
Premier health

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Thank you 2022! Xx Waco Moms

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Primrose School of Waco – A True Balanced Learning Approach

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My Farm + Yard Playset Experience

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Things to Consider When Moving to Waco

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Meet the Co-Owners of Waco Moms!

Katie Snapp & Catia Sykora "If you had told us a year ago that we would have the opportunity to lead this incredible community of Waco Moms, we would not have believed you." For those of...

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