Katie Snapp

The concept of “home” has always been a long story for me! Being from a military family, I was always a Texan, but where exactly I was “from” was a lot longer of a story than people were typically prepared to hear. After a few trials and errors, I’ve become fairly good at introducing myself and making home out of wherever I happen to be. Everything from designing my many childhood bedrooms, unpacking my suitcases at hotels, to watching HGTV with my Mimi in her bed, home-making has always been my favorite subject. After finishing my degrees in Strategic Communication and Art & Architectural History at Texas A&M, I jumped right into a career in luxury apartment development. I bounced from project to project hiring, training, and working with teams at different universities all over the country to achieve marketing and leasing goals for new and ultra-chic, off campus, student communities. My office was based out of Chicago, but I maintained an apartment in Texas near my now husband. I was (and in a way still am) always on the move. I eventually came close to settling down in Dallas where I worked in apartment management, focusing on new developments again, until finally it came time to plant some roots and move to my husband’s hometown of Waco, TX. A Texas girl who toured a few other states throughout her life and made it back just in time to have a career and family here! If you and I met at a coffee shop right now, I’d probably be going on and on about how my career in residential real estate has me busy on feet, as I also try and keep up with my daughter Stella and Golden Doodle, Willie Nelson. I might also be laughing about how working in real estate, often with my husband, is far beyond different from what some people have grown to expect a husband and wife team from Waco to look like. Long story long, I have a love for making people feel at home and I’m so excited to share my journey and hodge-podge perspective with you here!

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