Healthy Travel Reminders from Premier ER & Urgent Care


Spring Break is here which means traveling with family for a lot of us. I’m sure this week off of school is meant to be a rest for our bodies and the enjoyment of being outside with warmer weather. What we want to avoid is the crash that sometimes comes after traveling due to exposure to germs and high stress (you know, the stress of late night packing, waking up early, the airport all while being exposed to more and more germs?). Thankfully, Premier has provided us some helpful healthy travel reminders!

Keep yourself and your family healthy while traveling this spring break and it will be the break your body needs and it is meant to be:

  • Increase Protein intake before and during your travel: You aren’t in a rush to get to work and school in the morning, so make some eggs! It doesn’t hurt to mix in protein supplements in a vitamin filled smoothie. I also like to add in a colostrum immune support for my kiddos (and myself)
  • You might not remember to take them every day, but make this the week that you and your kiddos prioritize you daily vitamins, kid gummies and mineral supplements. You’re packing everything else any ways!
  • Hydration be sure you are packing a refillable water bottle for each family member so that you can flush out and feel good!
  • Try to avoid a lack of sleep due to packing and preparation. I know, easier said than done, but a good night’s sleep the night before travel can be a game changer. Also don’t forget to add in nap/rest times in that exciting vacation schedule of yours to allow your body to take the break it needs.
  • Maintain good nutritional intake, when traveling, we eat out a lot and my kids are already pretty picky eaters so if I want to enjoy a meal in a restaurant, I unfortunately tend to let them order what they please if it means they behave. Try stopping by a quick grocery store and keeping bananas or apples handy to encourage your kids to have a healthy snack (in addition to the inevitable fruit snacks you will be also reaching for)
  • Don’t hesitate on the sanitizers and wipes. We may not be fighting a global pandemic any longer, but we all remember the habits! And if you don’t here’s a refresher.

These healthy kid and parent reminders are brought to you by Premier ER & Urgent Care



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