Back to school- Post Covid (ish)

I think we can all agree that the 2020-2021 school year had us with all the feels. It was a challenging year to say the least. Now we are getting ready to re-enter the...

Motherhood and Organized Chaos

For the type A personalities out there like myself, working and raising a family can more often than not put you into overdrive. It is organized chaos. Between meal preps, drop offs/pick-ups, 40+ hour...
Working Mom

Being A Working Mom Has Never Felt So Heavy As It Does Right Now

Is this our new normal? We still don’t know what will stay around post Covid-19, but one thing we do know- it’s a lot. While there are positions and careers that allow for us...

When Plans Change, Do You?

“Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get.” – Forest Gump There are many plans life lessons one can take away from Forrest Gump; perseverance, doing what you...

Meal Prep | The Working Mom

Meal preparation is such a great idea in theory, but I have found if you are not committed to making it a priority, it can be much more overwhelming that beneficial. Creating the habit...

Working Mom Holiday Survival Kit

It’s okay to admit that Holidays can be exhausting for moms. Yes, it’s a wonderful and magical time of year, but there is so much to do. For women who work outside of the...

Why We Need More Support for Paternity Leave

Most people are familiar with maternity leave, but did you know the United States is one of the few countries where it’s not mandated to be paid? To take it a step farther, paternity...

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

I still remember leaving the hospital with our first born, “You do have some help at home, right? It’s important to have help in the first few months that you can rely on.” I...

Am I Ready for My Kid’s Extracurricular Activities?

As parents, we all learn early on from books, family members, friends, pediatricians, and others that activates are good for our kids. They help with motor skills, build social skills, and overall development. But...

Meet Kristina Holcomb

Hello there! My name is Kristina and I am a Waco transplant, originally from Vermont, but moved to Waco in 2005. My husband is a Wacoan and I have fallen in love with this...