For the type A personalities out there like myself, working and raising a family can more often than not put you into overdrive. It is organized chaos. Between meal preps, drop offs/pick-ups, 40+ hour work weeks, organized sports, laundry… ohhh the laundry… things can quickly get out of hand. Lord forbid we ‘slacking off’ for even 12 hours. The first area I think we as moms, and many women in general, need to recognize is that there is so much out of our control. While this was a foreign concept to me personally for many years, I have taken on the mantra my husband preaches to his student-athletes all the time; control the controllable and let the rest go.

I found when I write things down it takes a load off my shoulders to not feel as though I need to keep so much of my to-do lists in my head. I start and end each day planning/prepping; what has to be done that day, reprioritizing my list constantly, and what do I need to have completed for the next day. I also find it satisfying to acknowledge all that was accomplished by physically crossing things off my list.

Sundays are not just fundays. They are a critical day in the planning process for a successful week. This is the day that I spend a couple hours planning and preparing for what’s to come.

  • Meal plans/schedules
    • Grocery list complete
  • Laundry
  • Dishes
  • Go through the mail/pay bills
  • Prepare for meetings, sports, school events
  • Family time

I am someone who does not ask nor receive help very well. It is something I continue to work on and am aware of. As more balls are in the air, I find it most satisfying to have things completed. It is not as important to me anymore who does them or if they are done “my way’. So, asking for help is often necessary to feel a sense of accomplishment and success. My husband is a huge help, and we work as a team. As my kids continue to get older, they play a key role as well around the house and taking on their own personal responsibilities.

Here is the short version list of things to help keep your chaos (life) organized:

  • Plan and prepare for the upcoming week
  • Write things down and set reminders on your phone or in a calendar
  • Ask for help and do not micromanage
  • Adapt to the changes throughout the week and know there will be some rollover items each day
  • Set boundaries- we do not always have to say yes!
  • Unplug and take time to enjoy the things right in front of you without worrying about what is coming up next or what you may be missing/forgetting
  • Relax and block out ‘me time’ to recharge
  • Make sure to laugh and stay connected to your loved ones- after all, that’s what it’s all about!