We all scroll through instagram. Through Facebook. Look at the highlight reel of peoples lives and we get down on ourselves. COMPARISON sinks in. For me, I instantly think to myself… are they real? Are they happy? But we never actually APPLAUD them for putting themselves out there and not giving a crap about our differences. We immediately go into comparison mode of what we are not doing or what we would love to be doing but we are scared.

Differences are immediately frowned upon. Literally in every instance. I miss our differences. I miss having a strong opinion. I feel tucked away. I feel silenced. I feel scared for my kids. I feel out of control in a controlled world.

I come to write words for Waco Moms and I’m staring at a cursor blinking at me. All because I’m scared. Will I hurt your feelings with what I write? I know we see things differently. But will you know I am comfortable with being different. I love reading your words. Feeling the differences that we are as women. Taking our each individual upbringing and re-wiring our hard wire to see how we can come together instead of comparing or falling complacent among each other. Let our differences make us stronger.

Is it just us as women that do this silly thing? Or is it our enviroment that has made it acceptable. People are either too outspoken or not voicing their opinion enough. This is the time that the voice that DOESN’T speak up will mean something. Let’s preach our differences and love each other for those differences. Stop comparing and start living loving life. It’s such a simple action that is the hardest to do.

What will you do to end your comparison. I would love to know!