I was born and raised in Utah. Recently moved to Waco in August of 2018. I have been married for 11 years. 3 daughters. 1 dog. I am a true Virgo at heart.Perfectionist, loyal, strong willed and hard-working. Emotional, insecure, and pretty much everything about me contradicts itself! :) I come from a Mexican Italian background. Pretty much every family gathering is like a Seinfeld episode! LOL!!
Valentines Day Laugh

A Valentines Day Laugh – 10 things our husbands do that must go

Social media will soon be flooded with the very best highlight of our seemingly Hallmark Card marriages, but first, who want a good Valentines Day laugh with a friendly dose of reality from Waco...
Weekly Workout

Featured Workout

Anyone else miss their workout with school cancelations this week? This featured workout you can do at home, on vacation, AND at the gym! You got options, Girl! You can do this workout just as...

Feeling Out of Control in a Controlled World

We all scroll through instagram. Through Facebook. Look at the highlight reel of peoples lives and we get down on ourselves. COMPARISON sinks in. For me, I instantly think to myself... are they real?...

I am saying NO to Mom guilt!

Mom Guilt is real. After running my kids around to swim practice, cheer, then coming back around to pick them all up 2 hours later. My 3 year old eating dinner in the car...
Shop Local in Waco

Last Minute LOCAL Gifts for Father’s Day

Waco's middle name is LOCAL. All I heard when I moved here was "Local, Local, Local". So lucky for us, gift buying for the men in your life for Father's Day is easy, simple,...

Lets Talk About Sex, Baby.

Women & Men. There is so much information that is pulling us apart and telling us how different we are from one another. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. But here we are stuck...

Beach Bag Essentials

Summer is about family vacations, pool dates, and just living in the sunshine! I have compiled MY essential list of what I need to get my through my summer with my kids! First lets talk...

Let Them Be Little

As I am scrolling through the toys, through the tv, through life what in the world has happened!!! Let's rewind. I hit this epiphany tonight watching "The Sandlot" with my kids. WE SUCK!!!! You have...

Can the Easter Bunny NOT bring Candy?

If you have babies, toddlers, big kids, teenagers, here are some fun Easter Basket ideas that are not all about the candy! The nice thing about this is that it can serve as a...

Falling in Love With Waco

Falling in Love With Waco If you can tell I am a straight to the point type of person. Tell me what works for you, let me apply it to my life, and if it...