Beach Bag Essentials


Summer is about family vacations, pool dates, and just living in the sunshine! I have compiled MY essential list of what I need to get my through my summer with my kids!

First lets talk about the bag. I prefer something that isn’t a crossbody just because that can get really heavy really fast!

I do as The Sister Studio told me to do and grabbed this off of Amazon. I love the canvas, big bold lettering, and the fact that is zips completely shut. With my previous swim bags they were always open and I loved the privacy of this one! Of course, I added on some extra! These cute little tassels make it a little more festive and grabbed these bags for my water toys that also double as a good farmers market bag!

WITHOUT FAIL my sunscreen gets all over! I swear there is a little man in there just jumping on the tube flipping me off and laughing as sunscreen is on my clothes wallet and phone! I grabbed this bag to stuff my sunscreen in and its only 10 bucks! again, doubles as a vacation/travel organizer. It comes in so many cute prints.

With that said SUNSCREEN

I have always loved the sun. I remember just lathering my skin up with baby oil, spraying that sun-in in my hair, and getting as dark as possible. Now as my sun spots are starting to come out I am regretting every decision in life!


I use these on my face, body, and kids.

  1. Supergoop! SPF 50. Super lightweight. Not greasy at all. Has a nice smell. Doesn’t leak into eyes when you get wet.
  2. Kiel’s Activated Sun Protector SPF 50. Also super lightweight. No scent. Not slippery at all once your in the water.
  3. Sun Bum Moisturizing Lotion SPF 50. Thicker consistency. Smells like coconuts. I use this when we have bug bites on our body because it never irritates or stings.


I always bring one for each of the girls but I recommend at least 2. One for kids, and one for yourself that doesn’t have remnants of Cheetos, gold fish, or backwash.


Without fail something always happens to my pair of sunglasses. My girls wear them, I loose them, smooshed somewhere, who knows but I always pack 2.




Sets the vibe for sure!


I promise, if you don’t do anything of what I just wrote, buy yourself some damn baby powder! Going to the beach? Get to your car, undress those babies covered in sand and cover them in it. Lift one foot up, rub it all over, step in car. No sand. Do it to the other. No sand! It takes off every ounce of sand and your car will thank you later. Sand is the hardest thing to get out of your carpet! I swear it stays for like 7 years. Also, I put it in my crevices for the ride home because from all the chemicals from the pool, lake water chaos, your body is covered with who knows what and it just makes your ride home not as “sticky”.

It really does amaze me how much you really do need, especially with kids, in just a 2 hour pool session. So I hoped this helps a little and hope you found some cute finds in the links! Happy Summer!!