Can the Easter Bunny NOT bring Candy?


If you have babies, toddlers, big kids, teenagers, here are some fun Easter Basket ideas that are not all about the candy! The nice thing about this is that it can serve as a double purpose for the things that we are needing to transition into the summer months!

For me, my Easter Baskets always consist of Towels, Flops, and suits! Lets get the summer going and have new fresh gear! By the end of every summer swim suit bums have balls all over them, towels smell of who the crap knows, and sunscreen is out!

There is so many different ideas for Easter Baskets. I try to stay true to have things work for me rather than against me! Example everyone needs new swim suits… Easter Baskets full of swim essentials! Then its a win win for everyone! 


I know, I know. You want to run to dollar store and grab that basket that you can throw away after the holiday! And that is totally fine! For me, I splurged Splurge Easter Baskets on a Easter Basket that they will have forever! I bought Vea’s over 10 years ago, I can’t tell you how many moves, and the wicker on it hasn’t broke, chipped or lost its color!  The fabric liner is still amazing! No rips, tears, or ties loose!

Of course, Hooby Lobby, Dollar Tree, and Target always has amazing selection! Save Easter Basket

Really Babies have no idea that they are getting a Easter Basket. Either its the first born or you have a sibling that will wonder “Where the hell is babies basket”!

So here is some fun ideas for baby basket:

Throw some binkies, a new sippy perhaps and call it a day! If you want to know THE Best Buy for mommas and babies and also serves as a gigantic Easter Basket stuffer you must buy this! BEST BABY BUY 

So this was my changing table, my snuggly on the floor, portable for the park, just amazeballs! Don’t knock it till you try this amazing “dog bed” for babies!



That is the only thing you need to buy for your toddler! They will be the happiest camper on the block if all they see is freakin’ bubbles! Of course I like to go with the theme and grab a swim suit, some swim diapers, and all the below listed! 

If you wanted to add a little something extra.. this 

Is amazing for boy or girl! I think I was more concerned on how it was going than my kids were near the end! And YES THEY ARE REAL CATERPILLARS!

Big Kids:

I feel like this is the hardest age! They love the bubbles, love the sidewalk chalk, lean towards the touch and feel books for the babies, and also want to have a phone, money, friends, privacy, all the above! Geeze! Anyway, this is what I am stuffing in my 7 year old and my 10 year old baskets this year!

Grabbed each of them a full piece and a bikini swim suit cause, holy shit, who knows what they are going to like at the time Easter Bunny comes, sunglasses, sunscreen, and 

The towel Blankets are so fun cause you can get so many different designs! They are also HUGE!! 

To add some extra fluff these are a hit at my house! Also, Dollar tree has some freaking awesome fairy garden stuff that is cheap and so cute to add to their own garden!


K, Wait.

Did you know that you can make an appointment at the Mac counter in Nordstrom to get a makeover for $50? And that $50 goes directly to the new product that you are wanting to buy??? WHAT! Do it! It’s fun! and a good way to start the “make-up” realm of teenagers! Having a try on session before buying! YES PLEASE!! 

and there you have a perfect USEFUL Easter Basket!