A Valentines Day Laugh – 10 things our husbands do that must go


Social media will soon be flooded with the very best highlight of our seemingly Hallmark Card marriages, but first, who want a good Valentines Day laugh with a friendly dose of reality from Waco Moms, Makenzie?

We love our men. I know you do. I know I do. But holy moly. After talking, polling, and gossiping with a lot of you – I think we might have a couple of problems on our hands because we are all saying these Top 10 things our lovely men do that MUST GO!

valentines laugh

1. Flossers

Those men out there are always complaining about our bobby pins showing up to say hello in the most random places possible but boy, if I find another flosser I might lose my mind. Picking them up on the nightstand, near the computer, in the pockets of clothes right next to the arch nemesis of pockets ….gum. Hopefully we have time to go through pockets before we start a load. Fingers crossed!

2. “Hey mom”

Do you think your hubby has a special cream they put on that kids just don’t see them? Why is it that when kids have a question, need something, open something, spell something there is no dad? Like I see him in the room. But they don’t. Can I get a Amen??

3. Babysit??

“Hey Hunny, I am planning a girls night.. wanna babysit?” Is it just me or does anyone else call it this when requesting mom mode off duty time?

4. Shower.

RELAX, Turn on that warm shower, step into the water, slowly dip your head back annnnd… you catch a glimpse of someone creepily watching you. It’s him. Anytime that water is on he’s coming in to greet you.


This is self explanatory.

6.”Look what I can do!”

Making you come outside to see his nicely clean garage. Pulling “it” into shapes. Flopping from side to side. You know what I mean. Showing his latest triumph. Newest skill. They LOVE to show off for us ladies. Sometimes it’s very very cringy and sometimes you definitely wanna give him that star!

7. Keep your hands to yourself

Do you think that as he is going in for the secret boob grab or poke in the middle of you making dinner, listening to two kids bicker back and forth in the background somewhere in the house, phone is ringing, that he is like “yeah, this is perfect moment!” Please raise your hand if you know what I am talking about! I see you!!

8. Wants to go back in time

Who’s husband wants them to dress like when they met each other? So lets put this into perspective. Right now if his dream were to come true, I would be wearing a Hollister jean mini skirt LOW CUT (I know) and a too small white t shirt that had Abercrombie plastered over the front of it.

In his opinion now.. I dress like a pilgrim. LOL!!!

9. Melting.

I think this was probably the biggest “must go”. Men, your clothes seem to be melting off of you everywhere BUT into the hamper! Help us out and just step into the hamper. Melt the clothes off there. Step out. BOOM BABY!

10. Bathroom Fan.

Why do they leave it on so long?

valentines day laugh

With all of these funny quirks that really all men seem to have, I am sure that they have oodles to say about us and our sweet habits. For every bee, there is a bee. I am so happy I found my bee and I hope that this brought some laughs to you pre Valentines Day!