Lyndsey Hurtado


Gardening Tips and Money-Savers {for Beginners}

Happy Spring everyone! I should preface this post by confessing that I am not a gardening expert. To be honest, I am still a novice with much to learn. Gardening is a skill that...

6 Ways to Support Beginning Writers

6 Ways to Support Beginning Writers My experiences in early childhood education has taught me many things over the course of my career. One of those things is that our youngest writers must be developed...

5 Ways to Support a Teacher Throughout the Year

5 Ways to Support a Teacher Throughout the Year Disclaimer: This is not your typical, feel good, parent-teacher blog post with cutesy Pinterest links included. This is written from the perspective of a teacher-mom who...

How to Stay Sane When Flying with Littles

How to Stay Sane When Flying with Littles I just returned from a long awaited family  vacation. Of course, I was thrilled to get away. But honestly, I was beyond anxious about flying with my...

Breast Pumping Hacks for the Busy Mom

Breast pumping. Where do I even begin? When I was an expectant first time mom, I was terrified of the thing. For whatever reason, unbeknownst to me at the time, I was intimidated by...

Why You Should Grow an Herb Garden {AND tips for Beginners}

It’s that time of year again! The time when aspiring gardeners begin to make plans for the growing season. If you are a beginner, then you are in the right place. Check out my...

An Advent Tradition: The Jesse Tree

Most of us love this magical time of year. The lights, decorations, music, delicious treats, fun crafts, Christmas cards, shopping, and of course presents! Viewing Christmas through the eyes of your children make this...

My Home Birth Story

Those that know me, know that I LOVE birth. I love the process, the spiritual imagery, the welcoming of new life, the passage into motherhood, and the intimate moments that follow. I could probably talk...

Why I CHOOSE to Love My Postpartum Body

Postpartum bodies. We love to hate them, don't we? Why is that? If you are a mom who bounced back to your pre-pregnancy body days after your baby was born, more power to you (seriously,...

My Breastfeeding Journey

Holly Bollinger Photography & Design   In celebration of World Breastfeeding Week, I am sharing my breastfeeding story with you. This journey is deeply personal and my hope is that it will be a source of encouragement...