Sonja Smith


Waco Moms is Growing | Meet Sonja Smith

Hi, I’m Sonja Smith! I was born and raised in the Greater Toronto Area, up north in Canada. Growing up, my incredible parents supported my many extracurricular pursuits including club soccer and various...
local spring break

Local Spring Break Camps

With the long month of January behind us, we moms are mentally preparing for the busyness of this next season. We’ve already signed our kids up for spring sports and school extracurriculars, and before...
broken bone

How to Handle Your Child’s Broken Bone: Why I Chose Premier

I turned around as her body hit the ground, and instantly I knew it wasn't good. I rushed across the playground to her, praying she would be able to shake it off, but my mother's...
school lunch

5 Fun Varieties of School Lunches to Pack for Your Kids

As soon as the calendar says August, moms begin mentally gearing up for a new school year. Whether you send your kids to public or private school, or you choose to home school, one...
summer with mom

Mom’s Emotional Toolkit for Summer

I recently took my three kids shopping with me since its summer break and I don't have as much time for independent errands. An older lady stopped me with a sympathetic smile and asked...

To Motherless Moms on Mother’s Day

To the Motherless Mom on Mother's Day As we get older and we have more “life” under our belts, we start to realize just how precious happy memories are. They are precious because they become rare,...
Kids activity - soccer

5 Reasons to Encourage Commitment in Kids Sports/Activities

As a kid, I signed up for all of the activities I could get my hands on including the club soccer team, the high school orchestra, the church choir, the language competitions, the piano...

Spring at the Silos – a local perspective!

No matter where in the country you live, once the sights and sounds of spring start to melt away the cold winds of winter, I think the collective response is one of hope. As...