Victoria Brown

Victoria is from Waco, Texas and now lives here with her husband and 2 (almost 3) children. She graduated from Texas A&M and currently stays home with her kids. She also coaches at a local private school and works with Noonday Collection as an Ambassador. She loves all things outdoors, adventure, and being real and raw with everything she writes. She loves Christ and realizes she would be nothing without Him.

Finish Strong, Mama

It's May! May brings about so many great things - end of the school year, warmer weather, longer days, and the start of those late summer nights. May also brings about a million school...

“Have You Cried Yet?”

"Have you cried yet?" "Not yet.. but it's coming. And I'm not sure if it will be a happy cry or a sad cry." My mother asked me this question as we sat on...

Don’t Be The Flaky Mom Friend

As any mom knows, whether you just had your first child or fifth child, your world is rocked. The schedule you juggled so well is now over-taken by this tiny body that depends solely...

A Letter to My Third Child

Sweet, tiny, third child in my belly - I cannot WAIT for you to arrive! You have just 8 short weeks until your due date and both your siblings are beyond excited. Granted, your...