Finish Strong, Mama


It’s May! May brings about so many great things – end of the school year, warmer weather, longer days, and the start of those late summer nights. May also brings about a million school parties, banquets, and graduations. I tend to want to slack off in May. I’m tired from the school year and I’m run ragged by like 3 days into the month from all the end-of-year activities. 

May also reminds me that my consistent childcare is about to end as school lets out for the summer. That seems really exciting for about .2 seconds, and then I remember, “oh my gosh, what are we going to do all day, every day… for 2 months?!” I have this love/hate relationship with summer now that I have kids. I love the idea of spending so much time with them, but also hate the fact that any alone time is out the window until August. And let’s be real.. I get a little anxious about the possible long days of kids fighting, 105 degree Texas heat, and wanting to pull my hair out by lunch because it’s too freakin hot to do anything so everyone has decided the best thing to do is follow me room to room, probably screaming. 

So, with all that May brings, I have 2 challenges for you, mamas. Myself included. Here it goes:

First – Finish Strong.

Finish the school year strong. Give it all ya got. Make the best of all the parties and commitments. It’s so easy to just start checking things off your long list of to-do’s, but take a minute to really enjoy each one. BE in the moment and watch your kid’s faces at their party, t-ball game, graduation, or talent show. 

Finish strong so that your kids will finish strong. As a former teacher, the last month of school was looooong. The kids were done, I was done, testing was done, everyone was done! If for no other reason than for your child’s teacher’s sanity – finish strong. 

Second – Enter Summer with Expectation

Start the summer with an expectant heart. Expectant of what GOOD is to come. I know we all get excited about summer vacations and pool days. Those are easy to approach with high expectations. But what if we enter summer expectant of the good on the mundane days? If we woke up with expectant attitudes of peaceful children, joyful days, and precious memories? I realize not every day will be like that.. and many might not be. But if we can have an expectant attitude, maybe we’ll be able to experience the good in those chaotic summer days. 

So finish strong, mamas. You are almost done with another school year! And prepare for the summer of a lifetime.. even if you never leave Waco, Texas. Hey, after all, we are a top rated vacation spot these days 😉