KatyGirlGoods : Handmade Jewelry in Waco


It is no secret that Waco is booming right now.

While some may not favor all the changes, we are thrilled to see the growth of another Mompreneur from the Waco area!

Have you heard of KatyGirlGoods?

The Waco Moms Blog team adores Katy and her handmade jewelry and prints. 

Katy is a wife, mom of the three, and designer/owner of KatyGirlGoods.  While you can find KatyGirlGoods around town at boutiques such as The Findery, you can also order custom pieces from her Etsy site. In a time when customer service can be lackluster, Katy hand makes every single piece of jewelry and prints. KatyGirlGoods was recently featured on KXXV Channel 25 and title sponsor at our Moms Night Out event this month. While being a mom and is often times a balancing act, Katy truly pours her heart and soul into her business and the community. 

Being a mom, she understands the importance of quality and affordability. Each piece of jewelry is handmade from quality leather while staying until $30! Personally, I would rather pay $20.00 for a pair of earrings that won’t fall apart after a few months. I can wear them with T-shirts, dresses, or even rock them by the pool this summer! Funny story…I put on my new pink tassel earrings with a black dress in hopes it would disguise all the dry shampoo in my hair. Who has time to wash their hair this month?! Well, I received so many compliments on them and no one noticed all the dry shampoo I had in my messy bun. Worth every penny if you ask me!

In all seriousness, I am also supporting a local mom. I know that money is going to support her family and absolutely love that. For example, I placed an order through her Etsy site a few days ago and picked the earrings up today. It’s like curbside grocery pick up, but a lot more fun! 

Now is THE perfect time to shop KatyGirlGoods. You can custom order a pair of earrings for your graduate in their college colors or surprise your child’s teacher with a fun pair of earrings instead of another coffee mug. The options are endless and perfect for any age!

Go check out KatyGirlGoods for yourself: