Victoria Brown

Victoria is from Waco, Texas and now lives here with her husband and 2 (almost 3) children. She graduated from Texas A&M and currently stays home with her kids. She also coaches at a local private school and works with Noonday Collection as an Ambassador. She loves all things outdoors, adventure, and being real and raw with everything she writes. She loves Christ and realizes she would be nothing without Him.
New kid

3 Lessons Learned When You’re the New Kid

In 2020, we sold our home, bought some land, packed away most of our belongings and moved to a new little town, with a new school, and into a camper. It's been a wild...
Helping a friend

Ways to Help Friends in Need

Sometimes, life throws curveballs at you.. and sometimes, it throw them at those you love. Whether it's a loss, a move, a sickness, or a heartbreak, many of us have the natural instinct to...
Spring Break at home

Spring Break at Home!

Spring Break is almost here and it is one of my favorite weeks! This year, we've chosen to make the most of our own city and land. Whether you're lucky enough to have a...

Guide to Christmas 2021 in Waco

Christmas time is here! After so many cancelled events last year, there is no shortage of ways to double down with the Christmas fun this year in Waco and surrounding towns! Below is a list...

When Crisis Strikes: How to Normalize Funeral Talk

When crisis strikes, I usually deal with it one of 2 ways: Laughter and everything becomes a joke. Give me allll the memes. Become very aware that life is fragile and start focusing too...

The Reality of Bringing Home a Baby During 2020

Friday, March 20, 2020. Schools announced Spring Break was extended, Waco announced lock down was beginning the following Monday, and the world as we knew it was flipping upside down. 4:45pm that same day I got...

10 Simple Ways to Remind Your Husband He’s Still Your #1

I'm going to go ahead and start off with the easiest way: sex. Run with that as you please, but that's a pretty solid way to achieve your goal. Now to more practical ways since...

Adjusting to Kindergarten {for Moms}

My oldest son started kindergarten this year and can I be honest... My kid is fine. I am not. When he first started, I was angry. I was angry I had to share him. Angry we...

Why You Should Send Your Child to Otolith Fishing Camp This Summer

Some of us have kids that love typical sports - baseball, softball, basketball, tennis, and the list goes on. It's pretty easy to find a camp or summer league to fit into that category,...

10 Tips For A Perfect Day At The Beach

It's summer, sunny, and 75! Well, more like 105, but the country song tells us "Sunny and 75" is the perfect beach weather, so we'll go with that.  Since it's beach time, there are a...