Spring Break at Home


Thank you to Farm + Yard for sponsoring this fun piece of encouraging information for our Waco Moms!

Spring Break is almost here and it is one of my favorite weeks! This year, we’ve chosen to make the most of our own city and backyard. Whether you’re lucky enough to have a fabulous play-set of your own, or plan to visit all the local public playgrounds, Spring Break at home can be full of adventure!

I have 4 kids ranging from 1 – 8 years old. With that range, finding activities all will enjoy and be able to participate in can sometimes be a challenge in new cities without some research. Keeping our plans simple and local allows me to make the most of every day for every kid with very little effort. And I am all about a fun, stress-free week.

Below are some fun ideas we hope to fit in throughout the week:

  1. Hiking in our own backyard…or anywhere we can find! We live on 40 acres with our best friends, so this is an easy activity to fill time while babies nap or I make snack #4094. The kids explore all the time, but I plan to get in on the action during Spring Break!

  2. Visit local parks – some fun ones we’ve found are: West City Park, 19th St Park, Cameron Park, McLanes Children’s Hospital (trust me on this one!), lake parks by Lake Waco and Lake Whitney.

  3. Visit local attractionsMagnolia Market, Dr Pepper Museum, Cameron Park Zoo, Mayborn Museum, Urban Air, Cinemark, Main Event, Top Golf (1/2 price Tuesday!) and anywhere else my kids come up with!

  4. Unique lunches and desserts – Corner Drug Cafe in Clifton (half priced pastries 2-4pm), Union Hall (where everyone gets to pick their own), picnics at the parks we visit, Fox’s Treats in McGregor, candy shops downtown, Baked Bliss, and Route 77 Food Park.

  5. Dinosaur World in Glen Rose – this will be an entire day on it’s own, but if weather allows, you can see dino bones, hike, picnic, and spend multiple hours running wild!

  6. Waco Farmers Market – the perfect Saturday activity for all ages!

  7. Build a fire – who knows what Texas weather will do.. but a campfire with s’mores is always a good idea, right?

  8. Board games – my kids have really gotten into Tetris lately and I am loving it! We’ll also plan to play a little Uno and Pop the Pig for some friendly family competition 🙂 If the weather is nice, we’ll be on the back porch for some extra vitamin D while we play!

  9. Crafts – all of my kids love making things. Some want it to be with colors, some with cardboard, and some outside with dirt and rocks. Regardless of the materials used, we’ll spend time building and creating throughout the week!

  10. Time to just BE – I am not a planner by nature, and having an hour by hour schedule stresses me out. So for a Spring Break at home to be FUN and not stressful, there has to be time to just be. Be together. Be calm. Be wild. Be outside. Be snuggled up. Just be. So while I plan to fill every possible minute with fun, I also know the value of rest to save kid’s attitudes and energy to last all week. So there will be pockets of rest in there too!

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What are some other activities at home that can make the best Spring Break ever?!

Here’s to a Spring Break for the books…wherever you are!