BEST Bluebonnet Locations in Waco!


“Those Texas bluebonnets how sweetly they grow. For all the wide prairies they’re scattered like snow. They make all of the meadow as blue as the skies, reminding me of my little darlings blue eyes.”

– Laurie Lewis

Bluebonnet season is a staple for Texans and there’s no better backdrop for Spring pictures of your children, families, or pets than those magical blue flowers! I always have my eyes peeled for the first bluebonnet to sprout; it gives me all the good feelings inside because then I know Spring weather is upon us! My most favorite spot to go see bluebonnets is in the hill country. If you’ve never been, GO. Like, run. It’s breathtaking! For now, I’d like to share some local spots if you’re needing new spaces to take pictures of your littles!

  1. Hewitt Elementary- the front of the school is carpeted with hundreds of bluebonnet! How lucky are the faculty, parents, and students to be able to admire these daily during the bluebonnet season?! Feel free to pull over and park during non-school hours to take pictures!
  2. Redeemer Church- the field located here is filled with SO many bluebonnets AND they even have Indian paintbrushes, too. I took my girls here the past two years and it’s a hit! There’s enough space for kids to frolic and enjoy God’s beauty.
  3. Corner of Bagby and Gateway Dr. (the land in front of Caterpillar)- another beautiful spot where the bluebonnets are rolling!
  4. Whitehall Park- there’s a stunning field of bluebonnets and other wildflowers here during Spring. It’s easy access with parking and while you’re there, you can check out the brand NEW playground that just made it’s debut a few weeks ago!
  5. Waco Psychological Associates- if you’re looking for something quick and in town, head on over to this local business. The surroundings of the building and parking lot are full of bluebonnets! They take pride of their “yard” in the Spring and often have people take some quick snapshots!

Lastly, our highways in the Waco area (and really all over Texas) are surrounded with bluebonnets. It makes our drive so peaceful, so maybe you just want to take a drive and scope out these areas for fun! It’s hard to know for sure where the bluebonnets will sprout each year, so give Waco Moms a holler if you find a new spot we can include next year! 🙂


Also, it is worth noting that there are safety precautions that come with looking at bluebonnets – especially around busy highways. Jarrell Police Department did a great post about things to keep in mind here!

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