Where to Find the Best Bluebonnets in Waco



This is what bluebonnets symbolize; what a special meaning for our Texas state flower! A little history of these beauties: in 1901 it was a contentious race to determine the state flower with three different speakers passionately arguing about which flower was the best choice. In the running alongside the bluebonnet were cotton bolls and the prickly pear cactus, but the beauty of the blue won! I’m so glad it did because they truly are one of the most beautiful assets to God’s green earth, in my opinion!

Here are some kid friendly areas to take your littles or pets to create a memory for a lifetime!

  1. Midway High School- In front of the school near the street, there are lots of pretty ones and a good spot to nestle babies or toddlers. I drove by it today and was surprised at how many were there. It’s a new spot for our list!
  2. Woodway Park 1 & 2- Within these two large fields, there are full pockets of bluebonnets that will make for the perfect backdrop!
  3. Nestled in the country outskirts of Waco, the old Crossroads Church at 5050 Old Lorena Rd has a great spot for pictures! I haven’t been yet, but friends say it’s a spot you don’t want to miss!
  4. Redeemer Church- This spot has been a hit for several years, yet I’m saddened to say it didn’t have many when I went, BUT it could change in the next couple of weeks. I do enjoy the Indian paintbrushes, too. There’s enough space for kids to frolic and capture all the fun with your camera!
  5. Whitehall Park- Unfortunately, there aren’t many bluebonnets in the main field this year BUT there are several pockets of bluebonnets alongside the gravel pathway that would work well. It’s easy access with parking and while you’re there, you can check out the playground after your photoshoot!
  6. Waco Psychological Associates- if you’re looking for something quick and in town, head on over to this local business. The surroundings of the building and parking lot are full of bluebonnets! They take pride of their “yard” in the Spring and often have people take some quick snapshots!
  7. Outside of McGregor before you get to Moody, there’s a SEA of bluebonnets off the side of HWY 317, near Country Club Road. We took the girls here for a professional photography shoot and I am still in awe of them.
  8. On Imperial drive, near Howmet Aerospace company there is an open field of hundreds of bluebonnets. Even across the street there are several pockets of them, too. Parking may be a bit tricky but if you’re up for an adventure to capture some snapshots, go for it
  9. Texas Dynasty- a friend texted pictures and WOW, so beautiful!! Plenty of parking and easy access!

A friendly reminder to be careful as you venture out into the bluebonnets. Rattlesnakes like to nestle amongst these beauties so be sure to take precaution before prepping for your photoshoot!


Lastly, our highways in the Waco area (and really all over Texas) are surrounded with bluebonnets. It makes our drive so peaceful, so maybe you just want to take a drive and scope out these areas for fun! It’s hard to know for sure where the bluebonnets will sprout each year, so give Waco Moms a holler if you find a new spot we can include next year! 🙂

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