Is it just me, or is saying a business is “Texas based” or “local” is automatically a selling point, especially to us Lone Star State lovers? Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, AT&T, Dell, Whole Foods, iHeartMedia, USAA – the list of favorites goes on and on. But I think we can all agree that one H-E-B might be our most beloved. Not only are they clearly superior in their friendly faces, clean stores, and delicious in-store brands, that are nearly always Texas themed in some capacity, they also use Texas farms for many of their products. The care they take to employ Texans and give back to our own communities is noteworthy. One company that you may not realize is both owned by H-E-B and oh so Texas proud is one many of us relied on heavily during those quarantine days and every day since – Waco Moms loves Favor Delivery!


Being Part of the H-E-B Family – Favor brings the store to your door. You can get anything delivered! From dinner and drinks to everyday essentials, Favor delivers the restaurants and stores you love right to your door.

I first started using Favor when I lived on the 28th floor and worked on the 2nd. Favor was a lifesaver in a traffic filled urban environment. Flash forward to my early thirties and my Favor order has shifted a little. Now I get craft supplies delivered on a Saturday morning when I realize we won’t be able to entertain our kiddos as planned due to a rainstorm. Now I get Magnolia Table or Magnolia Bakery delivered because I love them, but would prefer not to battle the tourist crowd. Now I get my lunch and (again) specialty coffee drink delivered while I’m getting my hair done, because it’s probably the longest I will sit in a chair mid-day all week, and I want to make the most of it!

Favor and I actually have a lot in common. I, like Favor, am Texas born and raised (9th generation if we want to be specific). I then went out and explored our nation for a bit, got to know some major US cities, and as they say, “came back to Texas as quickly as I could”. Favor quickly realized that focusing their business efforts in Texas specifically was the way to go and they’ve been serving Texans exclusively ever since. Just like at H-E-B, you can count on Texas hospitality – delivered.


Check out just 10 ideas for ways that Waco Moms use Favor Delivery:

  • Having dinner brought to the gymnastics waiting room so my hungry kid can eat on the way home.
  • “Contributing Magnolia cupcakes for a shower I’m co-hosting? I’ll look like a hero and can have them delivered to my door while I get ready.”
  • “Getting supplies delivered at 8 pm when my son walks in our room and tells us he has a project due tomorrow.”
  • “Getting my specialty coffee and favorite lunch delivered to my chair at the hair salon because I have to maximize my me-time.”
  • Sending a Favor delivery to a friend who is going through a hard time.
  • Using Favor to deliver my elderly grandparents a meal or their prescriptions.
  • Giving a Favor gift card to a recent high school or college graduate.
  • Sending a sweet treat via Favor to a friend to celebrate a new baby, promotion or birthday.
  • “Getting food delivered for a lunch meeting or friend hangout.”
  • “Having lunch from one place, and coffee from another, both delivered of course!”

Some people in the Waco area might assume that because they live in one of our outskirt communities, Favor doesn’t deliver to their house. Don’t be so sure though! Favor’s map covers all the way from Lorena to Elm Mott, over to China Spring and then to Robinson! Download their app and check out their delivery map today!

Whether it’s a Favor for yourself, or maybe a friend, or loved one, get fast, friendly delivery from any store or restaurant with Favor Delivery!

Use our code WACOMOMS and get $20 toward your next few deliveries!