To My Fellow Working Mom- I See You.


Y’all, working mom life is hard. Can I get an AMEN??

I’m not saying that any other mom life is easy. I am surely NOT discrediting the life of any stay a home mom. That is a WHOLE other blog to write about and a life that I am not cut out for. Props to all of you!

I am just noting another journey of momhood that can be somewhat brutal at times. I am a professional, working 40+ hours a week on top of being a mom. There is a complexity to this that I just want to share and to empathize with. Going from mom hat, to professional hat, back to mom hat, trying to fit in wife hat and any other hat you may wear can be exhausting. About 6 months ago I wrote a similar acknowledgment to the one I’m sure you are all familiar with… Real Men of Genius. You might correlate them with a 60-second advertisement for Bud Light beer. I dove into this after getting home from work one day and just feeling like my other working mommies out there needed a pat on the back. So here goes…

“Real Women of Genius, Working Moms”

We salute you, mom who wakes up at the freaking crack of dawn to get maybe 10-15 minutes to yourself or maybe a short workout in so that you’re ready to go before the first sleeping child wakes. Who organizes an entire 24 hours at 6 am so that everyone’s day goes according to plan from the time their feet hit the floor. Who goes off to work an 8-10 hour day with captain crunch in a baggie for breakfast and forgetting your OWN lunch. Who takes off work, behind on paperwork, to get everyone to practice, dance, gymnastics etc. on time. Who plans dinner in the 15 minute drive back to the house and is able to whip up a gourmet mac and cheese, some sort of protein and on a good day a green vegetable. Who bathes, pjs, cuddles and reads so kids can be relaxed enough to sleep well. Who, once everyone is in bed, tries to get a few more things done around the house before it all starts over tomorrow. So, pop a cork Ms. Working Mom, because you are a freaking super hero and I SEE you!

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We are all working our hardest, busting our butts and all the while comparing ourselves to the other working moms, and even the stay at home moms. You guys, we are all doing our best to raise intelligent, kind, happy little humans. You should ALL give yourselves a pat on the back for doing your best… isn’t that what we teach them anyway??

It’s totally worth the work. These babies are our lives, our loves and our whole hearts living, breathing and walking outside our bodies. There isn’t a better job out there then raising them, but I do see your struggle and you are NOT alone in it. If you’re lucky, you have a few helping hands. My husband is a rock star and I honestly couldn’t do it without him. My friends are all in the same boat and a sounding board to vent, as well as, find solutions at times. My family is my backbone and reaches out to help at a moment’s notice. Everyone’s situation is different, but don’t feel like you are lacking for reaching out and asking for help.


                                                                                  – It Takes A Village To Raise A Child Y’all –


  1. Kudos Amy you are a ROCK STAR. Sweet, Smart, Patient Beyond…..always moving forward with positive life lessons. We are only human and a speck of sand in Gods mosaic. I admire and love you bunches.

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