5 Tips for a Family Friendly New Year’s Eve


There is nothing like the magic of the holidays and New Year’s Eve is one of the coziest and most delightful nights of the year! There are so many ways to enjoy this night with your family, the biggest one is just to enjoy each other’s company! Here are five ways to enjoy a family friendly New Years Eve with your family and friends. 

1. Fun activities! You can enjoy spending the night together by having a Game Night Marathon! Pull out a few games and have everyone pick which one they want to play! Get a whiteboard to keep score, put on some music, and make up some ridiculous prizes – memories made! Our family currently loves playing, Ticket to Ride, and Wonder Forge Marvel I Can Do That!

2. Fun Food! Let everyone pick their food, either take out, or have everyone make their favorite dish – you may have spaghetti with a side of pop tarts and grapes, but hey, if everyone is happy that is what counts! And don’t forget the paper plates so Mama can get to bed with a clean kitchen!

3. Fun Attire! Get dressed up in fancy clothes (kids and adults) and have grown ups and kids cocktails. Last year, I made our four year olds sparkling grape juice cups, rimmed with marshmallow fluff and sprinkles. They loved them and they felt so fancy! Or have everyone get into their pajamas early, pull out the blankets and get settled on the couch for a more relaxed vibe.

4. Fun music! We love having music on most of the time at our home. Have everyone add some of their favorite songs to a special family New Years playlist and add to it over the years. It really will be a special soundtrack for each of you. Our kids love dancing and a family dance party can be just what your New Years Eve needs!

5. Fun countdowns! If your tree is still up, grab out your blankets, pillows, sleeping bags, kid couches, and let the kids try to stay up until midnight, and sleep beneath the magic of the tree lights, in the company of their best friends – their brothers and sisters and parents, not only will it be the most memorable way to ring in the New Year, it will be a memory they will never forget.

If you are staying up, or getting to bed early, if you watch a movie or wait to watch the ball drop, enjoy this time with your precious family. 

Happy New Year, from all of us at Waco Moms!
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