Reasons to Hire a Professional Organizer

…for that project you’ll get to “next weekend”

Casey Hooper is a Professional Organizer in Waco, TXThe Art of NeatWe know hiring an organizer can feel gratuitous, even extravagant. We’re here to tell you it’s not! Our homes are an extension of who we are. Often when things look or feel chaotic, it can be hard to feel at peace. An organized home allows your mind to be at peace so you have space and time to do the things you value most. Hiring an organizer isn’t just about the end result – it’s the journey you take to get there that leaves the lasting impression. Below are just a few reasons we believe you should hire (and reasons you deserve) a personal organizer.Professional Organizer


  • A date and time is set and confirmed for when you’ll actually complete your project.

For most clients, reaching out can be the hardest and most daunting part of the process. During our consultations, we hear clients go from “I’m so embarrassed to show you my space” to “Knowing that you are coming already makes me feel lighter.” As with most new habits we’re hoping to develop (I’m looking at you, January 1st gym membership), getting organized and creating systems for your household to run more smoothly are no different. When a date is set for us to begin your project – and likely finish in the same day – the stress you’ve been carrying can begin to lift.

Professional Organizers

  • It’s more fun with a friend.

We may be biased, but we like to think we bring a friendly and understanding approach to helping you tackle the dreaded “can’t fit my car in here” garage or “all out of hangers” closet. The Art of Neat aims to make personal connections with each client, learning about their families, current systems, what’s working in their life and what’s not. Organizing is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Part of our job is to carefully tailor each proposal and system to every unique project and client.

Art of Neat Waco


  • We source products that fit your space and budget.

“A place for everything, and everything in its place” – one of our favorite quotes by Benjamin Franklin. While new bins or products are not required, we do believe they help clients maintain their systems. We hear that sometimes clients can get hung up wondering if they’re sourcing the right size drawer organizer or pantry basket; other times the bin they want is $30 on site A, but we know it’s only $15 on site B. We do the work for you. We compare products across all sites to make sure we’re passing along that savings to you. We work within any product budget and aesthetic you prefer. Not to mention the icing on every project – custom labels!

Waco Professional Organizer


  • When you feel stuck, we help you get unstuck. 

When you are not sure if you should save/keep/donate/etc., we help you make that decision and keep you moving forward. It can be anything from a broken backpack to your child’s baby clothes or grandma’s china that you forgot about. It can be uncomfortable or emotional to finally release those items. We get it. We can help you find a way to honor and sometimes use them. Our job is to help you process as you release those items; all while remembering that your memories are more precious than any one “thing.” Savoring the memory as you prepare to donate it for another family to enjoy is a sweet affirmation of why we do what we do.

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  • Spend less time on your things and more time with those you love. 

Art of Neat helps create sustainable systems that help you and your family function smarter, not harder. Hiring an outsider to look at your space, how your family uses it, which daily rhythms are working and which have room for improvement, can help you finally stop stressing about the kitchen pantry and simply be present with those around you. When everything in your house has a home, your stuff should not pile up. The cabinets or toy bins should not overflow. We offer sustainable solutions and rhythms to help prevent the clutter from adding up again and again. While habits aren’t formed in a day, cleaning out and organizing is the beginning of a lifestyle with less.


When you know what you have, you use what you have. You should love what you have. Less is truly more. 

Art of Neat

The Art of Neat would love to help you make sense of the space or area in your life where you feel stuck. If you’re interested in a complimentary consultation, simply fill out our online form <link> to get started. It only takes a few minutes! We can’t wait to be friends.


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Casey Hooper - Professional Organizer