How To Host A Super Bowl Celebration


So maybe you’re a football fan….and maybe you aren’t!  Maybe you speak fluent football lingo…and maybe you don’t!  Maybe you know exactly who is playing in the Super Bowl on Sunday and maybe you have NO clue.  (By the way, the Philadelphia Eagles are taking on the New England Patriots in the 52nd Super Bowl!)  Maybe you’re mostly only excited about the food, halftime entertainment (Hello, Justin Timberlake!) and commercials.  Whatever your stance, it’s certainly a great opportunity to invite some friends and family over for a grand celebration!  You can be as elaborate or as simple as you want!  Here are some cute and easy planning ideas to make your Super bowl celebration the best yet!

  • Decorations – Use team color streamers, plastic megaphones and balloons {green and blue} to create a game ready atmosphere!  If you have the time and creativity, the possibilities are endless.  To make an adorable football field table cover purchase artificial grass, which is often sold by the yard at home improvement and craft stores.  By using paint or narrow white tape you can easily add hash marks and numbers – and VOILA!  Create a banner that simply reads “Go Team!” or paint footballs onto a premade burlap banner!  Arrange some flowers and use them as centerpieces.                 
  • Food – Think concession stand grub: wings, burgers and pulled pork sliders!  It would also be super easy to go with hot dogs, frito pie or pizza!  Another fun idea is a nacho bar including a colorful spread of toppings like chili, cheese, olives, jalapenos, tomatoes, sour cream, chives, and more!  It’s never a bad idea to also have game day type snack foods available all evening including pop corn, chips/dips, pickles and candy!  Use all paper goods so that clean up is easy!  Official Super Bowl LII plates, napkins, cups and balloons are locally sold at HEB, Wal Mart and Wally’s Party store!  Use empty cans, brown paint/paper and white paint to create these cute silverware caddies! 
  • Drinks – Consider including a wide variety of beverages, including team-color Gatorade {green and blue} and perhaps a “water break” labeled area with plenty of water bottles!  Cut brown cardstock the to match the size of rectangular juice boxes for the kiddos and draw white laces on them!  
  • Sweet treats – Get creative with desserts!  Chocolate cupcakes with white icing for football laces or Rick Krispy treats cut into the shape of footballs or jerseys are as cute as can be!  
  • Activities – Keep the kiddos busy with a game of “Pin the football on the goal post”, Super Bowl Commercial Bingo or an easy game of outdoor flag football.  Have all of the materials ready to go so that you can sit back and enjoy the game!  Send your littlest football fans home with a Ring Pop as their “championship ring”!