Waco Moms Blog is Growing | Meet Jennifer Mogavero



Hey Waco moms! My names Jen (Short for Jennifer, just seems fitting right?!).

I moved to Waco a little over 4 years ago from my small hometown of Salado Texas, about an hour from here! My husband grew up in this area so naturally this is where we ended up! I’ve loved living in Waco, it has a small town feel with the perks of also being in a big city. Growing up in a small town I always wanted to get away and move to a big city (so cliché’). I feel like being in Waco I’m still close to home with my family nearby!

I’ve been married 4 years and am a mom to a sweet and strong willed soon to be 3-year-old boy named Knox! He’s about to start soccer and I’m not sure my mom heart can take all the growing up that’s happening! My favorite thing in life has to be being a wife and mom, sounds corny I know, but there’s nothing more fulfilling then seeing your child and marriage grow! My husband, Seth, owns his own franchise company in town, Boulder Designs and Border Magic of McLennan County! I have a degree in Communications and work full time as an Employee Benefits Account Manager at an Insurance agency in town. I also help manage Social Media accounts for businesses in town.

I started blogging a few months ago after taking the plunge and starting my own personal blog. My personal blog focuses on life lessons, being a mom, affordable fashion, and all things social media. I love to help bring women together all the while helping each other grow by sharing all past and current experiences with each other. I’m a firm believer in women helping and encouraging other women. There is so much negativity in the world and its only fitting that we all stick together! Life’s short, why not make a difference and always be positive and helpful?

I’ve already met some great people by being apart of the Waco Moms Blog for this short amount of time! I hope everyone enjoys and learns from all my future blog posts!

I’m looking forward to meeting other moms and us helping each other grow and learning together in the future!