LUCKY to be Moms in 2020


Every era has its parenting pros and cons. A hundred years ago many homes did not have indoor plumbing (gasp), but even the four-year olds of the family pulled their weight around the house! From the oldest child to the youngest, everyone had chores, and they were done with fidelity. I like to imagine that they did not even complain or talk back, but perhaps that is a bit too fairy tale. Either way, with all the help children provided “back in the day,” I really start to feel like my kids are total moochers! I kid, but seriously.

The year 2020, which used to sound so futuristic, is among us, and though it has its own set of challenges (online bullying) and worries (coronavirus), there are also some really great things going on that make me feel really LUCKY to be a mom in this era.

Setting aside the obvious indoor hot water and plumbing, I have made a top 10 list of reasons I feel so thankful to be doing motherhood right now!

  1. Bigger Mom Tribes

If you are like me and struggle with comparison issues or FOMO (“Fear of Missing Out”- it’s a real thing, ok!) social media can make mothering hard sometimes, but it can also help build your mom tribe. Through Facebook, Instagram, and blogging, I am able to meet and stay connected with so many moms out there. Even if we have never met, we are still doing this mom-journey together, and when we are able to share similar stories, stresses, and celebrations, motherhood becomes so much easier!

  1. Electric Baby Rocking Sleeper

Ok, so disclaimer, some of my top 10 are sweet and heartfelt, and some are just plain amazing and practical! I am so sad that I just missed out on having my favorite baby rocking sleeper turn electric, but for you newer moms out there, what a dream this thing is! When my littles were babies they slept so much better in the rocking sleepers, not to be confused with the swing which they hated. I mean really, how can you be so tiny and also so opinionated?! Like all moms of infants I was EXHAUSTED, so having an electric version of me to rock the sleeper so that Mama could get some shut-eye makes my heart sing out in thanksgiving!

  1. Backpack Diaper Bags

For my first child, backpack diaper bags were not really a thing yet. Packing that bag full of all the baby paraphernalia you could imagine while also forgetting essentials like diapers half the time (#sleepdeprivedprobs) makes for a heavy bag and a painful shoulder. I also really enjoyed *sarcasm* having to carry the diaper bag on one shoulder while simultaneously struggling to carry the entire car seat compete with baby because there was no way I was going to wake her up just to spend a few joyfilled moments in Target pretending like my yoga pants were real clothes. For my next two children, the backpack diaper bag became a thing, and it was a game changer in so many ways. I am forever a fan!

  1. Athleisure

Speaking of yoga pants, ATHLEISURE, where have you been all my life?! If you do not know what athleisure is, you dress too fancy for us to be friends. Moms everywhere finally have the excuse, neigh fashion approval, to wear comfortable clothes like leggings, tennis shoes, and oversized shirts out in public and still be deemed a “cute mom!” Pony tail and pants with no buttons, my life is complete.

  1. Streaming TV and Netflix

I know, I know, the TV is not a babysitter, but also sometimes it is, and it charges way less per hour. For real, if you are not a fan of littles in front of a television or watching an iPad I totally get it, and I have read your research. I also know that sometimes my kids have already destroyed their rooms, fought over their toys even though I make sure to buy three of everything to avoid said fights, and read all the books in the basket. Sometimes Mama just wants to close her eyes for like 5 peaceful minutes or take a hot shower, and for those moments, I am so grateful to have Paw Patrol on demand.

  1. Pop Sockets

Bet you didn’t see that one coming. But for real, how many times have you dropped your phone on your baby’s head while rocking them and playing on your phone to avoid falling asleep along with them? If you are not part of this club, then your kid will probably out-perform my kid when they take their SAT tests. Teach me your ways! Until then, pop sockets for the win!

  1. Robot Vacuums

We finally broke down and purchased a robot vacuum last year, and it is a total game changer! I never feel more efficient and productive than when I am driving to work knowing that I am also vacuuming my house! Now, I do realize this means we have to keep a tidier home so that our robo vacuum doesn’t suddenly become the actual elusive Sock Monster, but hey, the rooms we don’t quite have the energy to pick up just get the door closed!

  1. Instapot

I was not sold on the Instapot craze at first, and I have to admit I am still not very good at it. However, on evenings that I realize I forgot to set out the chicken to thaw, I can still have delicious chicken thawed, cooked, and ready to eat in about 20 minutes. Eventually, I will learn how to make more and better things, but for right now, that alone makes me happy to have my Instapot!

  1. Grocery Pick-Up/Delivery

Ya’ll, I just cannot express my gratitude to all the stores around town that offer grocery pick-up and/or delivery. I am too far out of town to take advantage of delivery services but pick-up alone saves my time, energy, money, and most importantly, my SANITY! I do not have to take my children into the store to buy groceries. I repeat, I do not have to take my children into the store to buy groceries. Moms of the past, I am so sorry you did not have this in your life. There is nothing more satisfying than pulling into a parking spot, having someone deliver all your groceries to your car, and then driving away knowing that you did not have to fight with your child for one single moment inside the store surrounded by judgy onlookers. You know, now that I really think about it, I wonder if this was the genius way of getting children and their screams out of the stores? If so, it worked, and I benefit greatly. That’s what I call a win-win!

  1. Amazon Prime

What is better than grocery pick-up? That’s right, shopping for virtually anything you can imagine and having it arrive at your house in 2 days, and sometimes even faster than that! Though the rest of my top 10 really was not in any particular order, this one is my absolute number one reason I feel so lucky to be a mom in this era. Amazon Prime saves me when I forget things in my grocery pick-up order, when I didn’t buy and mail a birthday/ wedding/ baby shower present on time (direct ship with gift receipt), when my kids have their eyes on a specific toy for their birthday or Christmas that I have zero desire to drive around town to hunt down, and when I want to shop but don’t want to actually shop. Every cardboard box with a smile delivered to my house sure does put an actual smile on this moms face! Amazon Prime, you complete me.

Making this list really makes me wonder what motherhood will be like for my daughter. What new and exciting things will they have out that will make life easier for her so that she can spend more time with her children? Nothing will rid us of stress and worry, but anything that helps save us time, energy, money or sanity also allows us to give more “mom” to our children. I feel so incredibly lucky to be doing motherhood in 2020. What an amazing era in which to be a mom!