Nominate a Mom: Waco’s Super Mom on the Frontlines


As the premier parenting resource in the Waco area, the mission of Waco Moms has always been to enrich the lives of the moms we serve. Our goal to connect moms to each other and to their community, to offer important resources, and to celebrate motherhood is paramount to all we do.

Today we are thrilled to announce our search for Waco’s Super Mom on the Frontlines.

While all moms are certainly carrying a heavier load these days as we navigate our new normal, moms who are working on the frontlines during this pandemic are carrying exponentially more. To us, they are SUPER. This is our opportunity to honor and celebrate their contributions to our community and to cheer them on as they continue to do this important work at home and on the frontlines.

We are now accepting submissions for Waco’s Super Mom on the Frontlines.

We are looking for moms who stand out in a crowd. Do you know a mom who is working on the frontlines? Perhaps she is a doctor, a nurse, a pharmacist, a medical assistant, a radiologist technician, a first responder, a researcher, or a lab staff member. Maybe she is a delivery driver, a grocery store employee, or an essential worker at a daycare. What is she doing to make a difference for others? Does she set an example and offer encouragement for others around her? How has she had to sacrifice so that she can continue to serve our community during this crucial time?

Waco’s Super Mom on the Frontlines might be your own mom, your neighbor, your grandmother, your best friend, or anyone else you admire.

How to nominate someone:

  • Tag a deserving mama in the comments and tell us WHY she stands out to you.
  • Submissions will be accepted through Wednesday, May 6, at 10 p.m. CST.
  • The Waco Moms team will determine finalists, and you — our community — will cast the final vote on Facebook.

Her terrific prize package from our generous sponsors will include:

A mini photography session with Breanne Johnson Photography::

Includes a 20 minute session and up to 15 edited images of the winner’s choice delivered in an online gallery.

A family style dinner of the winner’s choice will be provided by Milo All Day.


The winner will be announced on May 9, 2020.


  1. Amy Estes is a nurse practitioner at Providence Pediatrics and a mom of 2 kids. We have been seeing her for the last 4 years and my kids love her.
    A little before spring break, my 6-year old daughter got sick, I took her in and it was a double ear infection. Then over spring break, she wasn’t getting better, so I took her back in and she ended up having pneumonia. A week later, she got worse and we went back in. Amy met with us for over an hour, running tests and getting scans. After another chest x-ray, it turned out she had a new, but Different type of pneumonia. After finding this out, Amy was concerned it could also be Covid-19. Because she didn’t have all the necessary symptoms to be tested right away, Amy took extra steps to get certain blood work done to prove she needed the test. After the blood work came back that she was pretty sick, Amy called the powers at be to advocate for my daughter to be tested, which was approved. Luckily, her test came back negative, but what truly stood out to my husband and I was the care and concern Amy had for our daughter.
    She called us multiple times over the weekend to give us updates on getting tested, what to expect from the test, when to expect results, what to expect moving further whether the test came back negative or positive. She answered all our questions, listened to our concerns and helped us feel at ease with the unknown. She called multiple times on Saturday while we were waiting for results to let us know she didn’t have them back yet but was constantly checking.
    Amy went above and beyond as our daughter’s care taker, all while over the weekend, and at the height of the unknown with Covid. We are so grateful for her and all she has done for us.

  2. My wife’s name is Robin Hazlett. She is an emergency department nurse who has been on the frontline of the local pandemic response since the beginning. She’ll tell you it’s just her job. She’ll tell you it’s no big deal. She’ll tell you that the real struggle is for those who have lost their jobs or who have been unable to access goods and services that had to shut down over the last couple of months. This includes all the parents who had to, and continue to, struggle with finding childcare. We have a 15 month old daughter. You can imagine what kind of pressure that placed on her. The risk of spreading COVID-19 is an ever-present concern but what’s worse is that it interrupted her ability to intimately care for our baby the way she’d like to and is so great at. There are nights she had to sleep elsewhere because it was too risky to come home due to possible exposure. There are days that required our own extreme social-distancing at home “just in case”. We’ve sinced developed a really good routine for when she comes home at night to do our best to eliminate the risk of exposure. All the little things she does are with the health and well-being of our baby in mind. While there have been a great many changes and new stressors in this new world we’re in, what never changed is her generous spirit. No matter the the circumstances I know our community is safer with her on the frontline.

  3. The Webster dictionary definition of mother is: (noun) a female parent. That is all that this word means, but the mother I am about to speak of brings much more meaning, love and warmth to this word.
    From a young age I got to witness, my sister, at the time a young woman, step into a role of “mother in training” due to my parents divorce. For some,at a young age this would not be possible but this young girl stepped up to the plate and to this day still adds countless more meaning to the word “mom”. She was growing up while helping me, her younger brother navigate a world with less fear, and keeping it as normal as possible for me. Even if it meant going out of what was normal to her, she sacrificed her needs for mine.
    Robin Hazlett, now a mother to my one year-old niece eased right into this roll. Piper is her whole world. Spending time with them, you can see the love she has for her, as well as her determination to mold and grow this child, into a strong independent woman.
    Robin leads by example in many ways. She is a full time nurse who is working through this pandemic, giving everything she can to help others, while continuing to come home and give her daughter every ounce of energy she has. Robins love for others is endless, something that Piper gets to witness everyday.
    If I was to rewrite the definition of “Mother” based on my experience with my sister as well as my mother it would state: A strong leader, who is the parent to a child preparing them for the world. A mother leads with love, strength, honesty and dignity. She posses the will and determination for the child to succeed, and be the best they can be.
    Robin has made me a better man, and she was only in the role for a period of time. I am so excited to watch my niece grow up and see what she achieves because of Robin. Even if she is half the woman Robin is she will accomplish anything she puts her mind to, because she has Robin in her corner, just like i do for life

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