Passion: How I Found Mine


Passion: How I Found Mine

When you were a child you dreamt of all the things you could be. Now that you’re “grown-up” you see how difficult that choice can really be. So many things come into play like salary, where to live, work load, raising a family and the list goes on. But, somehow down the way we have forgotten the most important one, passion. As a child you decided what you loved based on happiness, not on bills. This is my short summary of my journey this year and finding my passion.

I was  a young mother but I knew that I wanted to go to college.  I had to be reasonable with what I would pursue  and I also knew I was in a time crunch, so I chose a technical college. I graduated with a certification in Dental Assisting and immediately began my career in the dental field. I felt blessed, I had went to college, first one in my immediate family and I had a stable job (with decent pay) that made me available to my child on nights and weekends. I learned to be happy in that field and even saw myself going back to school for dental hygiene. Which I did and spent two years gaining my pre-requisites needed to apply for the program. I was one class away when I became pregnant with my third child. We are pleasantly surprised, but knowing the demand of attention that the hygiene program required, I decided that was not the best route for me. After my son was four months I returned to work as a dental assistant. I worked in the field for two more years. During that time I had been asked, “what would you want to do if money wasn’t an issue”, I had no reply. I had forgotten what I wanted completely. But it started the thinking process  

A year ago, I quit my job without knowing my next step. But I did know that I didn’t want to be stuck in something for the rest of my life. I relied on my faith, husband, and family. After talking to a friend I decided I would look into a career that would allow me to be flexible (part time hours) and be more involved with my children’s school and extra activities. I decided to enroll in a local Massage school. To me it felt out of no where, but my husband said it made total sense to him. He reminded me how much I believed in naturalistic approaches to healing the body and how much I would have benefited from massage during my last pregnancy. It wasn’t until the first time I massaged hands on, that it hit me, I accidentally stumbled into my passion. Fast forward to the present, now I have opened my own business and I’ve never been happier. I’m able to help so many people in different life styles and life phases. One moment I can be helping a momma to be feel normal again and the next I can be helping that person who deals with stress and anxiety, have a moment of stillness and wellness. And be finished with my day in enough time to pick up my children and make dance class. I’m amazed at the place a year has brought me to. 

You may not be in the place to quit your job right now, but search for your passion in other ways. I see so many people who work their day job and then start their passion work on their free time. My husband is one of them. He provides for us with a 7-5 job, but then he allows himself to create and work with his passion in the evening, weekends, and at events. Maybe it means starting at Etsy shop. Or a blog! Maybe it means making videos for YouTube. Maybe your passion is to be a stay at home mom, then start a “how to achieve” list. We weren’t made to live aimlessly. You were created with purpose and you are capable of so much!

Go live your passion!