Play Date Ideas that Foster New Mom Friendships


Sometimes I think of play dates as the good ole’ days. I have a few older children along with my littles and the older ones don’t exactly fall into the “let’s meet at the park” category like when I had 3 under 3. I do miss those play date days, but I’ve learned that making new mom friendships doesn’t stop when your kids keep growing or it’s too hot to hangout outdoors.

Mom Friends

There are plenty of ways to foster new mom friendships — sometimes it just means thinking outside of the box and seeing what both our children and us will enjoy! Here are a few of my current favorites these days.

– Host a baking/cooking sesson:
One of my children wanted to learn how to make sourdough bread. A friend had offered to teach us and I took her up on the invitation. Together we baked, let the kids played and caught up! Another new friend offered to teach me how to make tamales. I enjoyed getting to know her in my kitchen while our babies roamed and kids acted as sous chefs.

– Ask around social media to see if locals want to do something your child enjoys:
With 9 children, I can’t schedule constant play dates. But if one of my children wants to do something, I can extend the invitation to other Mamas or families. My 9 year old has been hosting an Adventure Club outside on Monday afternoons in the summer. It’s basically a free time of play/wrestling/sports. The Mamas have ended up sitting in the driveway meeting one another while the kids learn and practice! It’s organic and easy — just the way I like it!

– Get outside:
Yes, it’s hot, but the park is not the only place to meet up with a new mom friend. I know plenty of Mamas that are taking their kids to the trails or splash pads this summer! Ask a Mama to join you and your kids while you venture outside somewhere in Waco.

– Learn a skill together:
I have friends that know how to kill chickens and others that make beautiful crafts. Is there a Mom out there and does something you want to do? Ask her to teach you and your children or swap a skill you already have. Plan some time to craft, garden or just learn from one another. It will definitely break down walls more quickly if you’re just meeting!

I totally understand that making new Mom friendships can be exhausting! But I promise you it’s worth it. Try to put yourself out there, initiate others when possible and make it a learning experience for you and your children!

With Love,
Johnna King

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Johnna King moved to Waco in January of 2017. She met her husband in college and after 9 years in the Marine Corps, they prayed for place to settle down and raise their family. She is the Domestic Engineer of Team King which currently consists of eight littles. Her oldest is 11, then 9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 2 & 16 months . She is due with their 9th in the summer of 2022. Motherhood is one of Johnna's many passions. She equally enjoys growing in obedience to Jesus, homeschooling the kids, running/weight lifting, photography, interior design, holistic living and writing. There is usually a half-read book on her nightstand. She runs their family blog You can always find Johnna looking for new places to eat, planning a date night or taking another picture.