Hello, It’s Me… I Was Wondering If After All These Years You’d Like To Meet | Reliant & the Google Home Hub

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Hello, It’s Me… I Was Wondering If After All These Years You’d Like To Meet | Reliant & the Google Home Hub

We are so excited about the new Reliant’s new Truly Free Weekends plan with the Energy Google Home Hub that is being rolled out! Technology is changing at a fast pace and one thing I love about all of the advancements taking place is how much smarter, efficient, and cost saving some of these tools are that we now have at our finger tips. The new Google Home Hub is going to be a HUGE benefit to families across Texas and I for one, can’t wait to take advantage. 

For the first time, customers who sign up for the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan will receive a Google Home Hub, a new smart display with the Google Assistant, at NO cost. In addition, Reliant customers can now sync their account to the smart display, giving them a whole new way of interacting with and managing their electricity use through voice commands and the Hub’s 7-inch screen. Reliant is also the first energy company in the U.S. using Google’s Assistant developer tools to create visual displays that provide personalized energy information.

By joining forces with Google, Reliant customers will now have access to the newest digital technology that not only provides an energy management solution, but also helps simplify their lives. It’s going to be a personal command center for energy efficiency and so much more.

Here are some of the benefits of the Google Home Hub

  • Keep an eye on your electricity use with a customized weekly snapshot by saying “Hey Google, ask Reliant, how much electricity am I using?” You’ll even get an estimate of your expected weekly electricity charges.
  • Manage your Reliant account by asking simple questions like “Hey Google, ask Reliant, how much is my bill.” Customers can also learn more about their electricity plan with questions such as, “Hey Google, ask Reliant, when does my plan expire?” or “Hey Google, ask Reliant, when does my Free Weekend start?” You can also set a reminder for Google to notify you automatically when your free weekend begins.
  • Control the temperature of your home with a Nest thermostat, which seamlessly connects to the Google Home Hub, with simple commands like “Hey Google, make it warmer.”
  • Create personalized daily routines, just say “Hey Google, good morning,” to launch reminders, weather and commute updates. You can also unwind with your evening routine, just say “Hey Google, good night” to set the thermostat, turn off lights and much more.
  • Get help at a glance, enjoy entertainment and more when you ask Google Home Hub questions. Tell it to do things. Play music. Watch videos. Get the latest on weather, traffic, sports, local businesses and more.

This Reliant and Google partnership has positioned Reliant as the premier retail electricity provider of Google Home and Nest products in Texas. This powerful collaboration allows Reliant to offer a compelling new suite of electricity plans paired with a full range of the latest smart home innovations from Google and Nest.

Customers can sign up for the Reliant Truly Free Weekends plan and receive a Google Home Hub at no cost by visiting www.reliant.com or calling 1-866-Reliant. Truly Free Weekends begin at 8 p.m. Friday and end at 12 a.m. Monday.

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