Say Cheese, Mom.


Summer is now upon us and so is all the fun, memory building events. With today’s apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook; it’s so easy to share all of the photos we are snapping from behind the camera!

But listen, moms I urge you get in front of the camera too. Before I get all of the eye rolls and comments like “I’m not photogenic”, read on…please.

A picture captured, is a memory captured. And yes, we love all of the cute little ones we get to see and we love that you love to brag on them. But what memories will they have when they try to look back at pictures of you together? There won’t be any and one day, it will be to late to relive those moments. Most times we do it without thinking, it’s just easier to be the photographer in situations. A monument you are visiting and that you don’t want the kids to forget, get the camera out and snap their photo. Then other times it’s much deeper, like us not being a size 2 anymore. You may not look like you did at 20 years old, but because you’re not 20 years old anymore. I bet you when your children look back at the photos, they won’t see someone who isn’t perfect, but they’ll see someone who loved them. Someone who makes that photo worth holding onto.

So moms, jump in front of the camera. Ask your significant other to make sure they snap a photo of you with the kids as well, also some where you’re just interacting with them. If that’s not possible, stop a stranger and ask kindly. It matters, you matter, and the memories wouldn’t be the same without you.