Spooky Skewers | A Halloween Recipe

My son loves getting in the kitchen; whether to join me in cooking a big dinner recipe or prep an afternoon snack, he is always asking what he can do to help! With Halloween around the corner these healthy treats are an easy way to get your little ones involved and have fun while doing so. Check out the simple, Halloween recipe below!

halloween recipeSpooky Ghost Skewers

All you need are a few simple ingredients!

  • 3-4 Fruits that your child enjoys
  • Wooden Skewers
  • Large Marshmallows
  • Black icing
  • Candy Eyes

First step is to wash and cut the fruit. We chose bananas, strawberries and grapes but you could easily incorporate blueberries, melon, raspberries or even fun shaped pieces of pineapple here if those are preferred by your kiddo!

Then use the black icing to place two black dots on the marshmallows and stick the candy eyes to them. Don’t forget to give them a mouth, too!

Start skewering the fruits and marshmallows, making sure to alternate between pieces to create a cute pattern. Don’t be surprised if a few pieces go missing during the process by your hungry little helper!

You can make these as quickly as you’d like but we enjoyed taking our time! Turn on a spooky playlist or even a festive movie while you work to set the mood. Maybe make an afternoon of the task and pair these treats with a fall favorite like chili and cornbread. Whatever your plan, make sure you sneak a few skewers to enjoy for yourself – don’t let your kids have all the fun!

If you’re looking for another super simple, yet terrifyingly tasty Halloween recipe to try with your little ghosts and goblins, check this post out for a few ideas. And be sure to share with us if you try any of these treats – tag @WacoMoms on social media so we can see all the holiday fun you’re having!